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  1. So happy this piece of shit is ban good bye and good riddance, finnaly managment is cracking down on BAD overwatch players.

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    2. Bacta


      "Guys how do i play mercy"

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      is this guy really banned ): ma updates

  2. It's either this or the citadel. I've already added the citadel, but I can remove it in favor of this if requests
  3. It's not a huge deal, but there is definitely some form of back pedaling here. It seems to be a miscommunication on multiple ends, but as per what was added by the doc but you guys, there was no indication that it should be phase two. I offered phase two models, and you guys ended up coming back with these on the doc. Like I said, it is no big deal, but there was definitely a very major lack of saying "this should be the design on the phase 2 helmet". For reference, this is what I originally made I don't mind it none too much, but for future reference, and this goes for everyone and anyone, make sure you thoroughly explain what you desire, and thoroughly think about what it is your asking for in terms of the longevity of its existence on the server.
  4. Meh, if I'm asked to make a whole new temple then I will. I think this ones fine, infact when I was playing it was hardly utilized at all so I didn't see much harm in its current state It all comes down to whats voted upon and accepted in the server suggestions. I just be makin the shit
  5. This might be possible? Depends on how the room is made. I'll check next time I do a batch of edits To elaborate on that; the walls, ceilings, floors, and trims around the halls of the jedi temple are all big groups of props. This means that some rooms end up being attached to other rooms, so deleting one room might break the other. Might not be the case for this particular room though!
  6. Yeah this should be fine, none of these are attached to the wall props
  7. Jayarr


    I'd agree with what stockings said; the swep was often times spread around or concealed by players even after an event was finished, and would result in a player randomly turning into a rakghoul even when the event was over, causing chaos immediately. Perhaps you can add a rule against such usage, or add extensive documentation on what is/isn't allowed, but at that point it wouldn't be that fun because you'd be too worried about stepping on the toes of rules
  8. i can remove half the bunks up there, are they even used?
  9. RAAAAAA ill see what can be done tomorrow and come back with an answer….maybe
  10. im adding a citadel
  11. +1 I don’t know you well and I won’t pretend to, nor have I really talked much, but that doesn’t change the obvious. You should have gotten it the first time around. You may lack maturity around friends (weird, right?), but you’ve shown severe dedication and professionalism toward the future and shape of BH for longer then most anyone commenting thus far. The sheer difference on how you act in matters related to the faction vs how you handle other matters is a blaring example of face value dedication. I’d trust your judgement in this role in a heartbeat due to the experience alone!
  12. not really possible unfortunately, source only allows one variation of the sky light at a time

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