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  1. because locking a battalion (meaning not allowing anyone in it period) and revamping a battalion (trying to get more people) are really similar
  2. i think the delete button on the keyboard was made for this reason
  3. +1 to the GM app. Mazen was one of the better GMs, so preventing him from actively stepping into a position to help the server would be a shame, especially if its based off drama in the past that honestly isn't relevant in the current state of the community
  4. I don't get why no one is saying anything when there's obvious outcry against the decision. I'm not one to care, this was something I was going to do when I was palpatine, but wasn't around to see it through. The fundamental concept was not to force the senate to respond to the guild, but to line themselves for a concept that I was going to oversee in the future; a civilian approach to bounty hunter. I have no clue if that's what they're eluding to now with this post whenever those above keep saying "future plans", but I thought you all would appreciate the knowledge that resides within that concept. Senate would work as it's own as it always has, and civilians would have three paths to pursue: Sticking to basic civilian RP, no need to move in any directon Moving to a senate/government focus, working to promote more passive RP, just like the senate has already established as their strong point Moving to a more hostile side, which is bounty hunting and such As stated, no clue if that's their plans now, but that is what I wanted to do when I was palpatine, which makes it all the more funny to see this happening now. I'm glad it is happening now, don't get me wrong, but to shove something like this out when you plan on fully releasing it likely weeks or months down the line is just kinda silly. I was gonna deal with the demotion when the changes were put into effect, not a large sum of time earlier. Feel free to shit on me if I'm wrong, but saying something to people who are mad is better then just letting them guess at what you're doing for the future to come.
  5. You've come to be one of my closer friends on the server, and it'll stay that way outside of the server too. You did good in the positions you were in, no matter what shit people have to throw at you. You put your all into your BCMD and regimentals terms, and I feel you would have been at the top at a different time on the server.
  6. Feel free to add onto this
  7. After a few weeks full of contemplation, I sit here now writing this out with confidence and a calm mind. It was a was year ago this month that I made my return to this server. But it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I didn't know anyone, and barely anyone knew me. Times had changed so drastically from when I first made my mark on star wars RP all those years ago, and it was something I wasn't quite ready to face up to. That hesitance wasn't something I lived up to, though. As I caught up with one of the few familiar faces, that being the founders, I realized that maybe a different approach was laid out before me then I had initially thought. Through talks with @Square, and after having already started working on a new map, I was picked up into the development team, where nothing short of an amazing journey started, and is now ending here today, on a much lesser note might I add. People like @Mazen when he was cody were quick to pick up on me becoming a Developer, and while I didn't quite know who bacta was at the time, he ended up forging into one of my strongest connections and one of my closest friends on the server. I have a whole group of friends now, which I quite frankly lacked coming into this server. That is what I will take away from all of this, and what I can strongly familiarize myself as an accomplishment. As for my time as developer, it was nothing short of a rollercoaster. I've faced some hardships, but too few to count as an experience I won't remember. Things got caught on the upswing only four or so months after I got developer, where the team started coming together, starting with @Xaze. There is no better partner I could have asked for when it comes to development, and often times we were able to see eye to eye on things we both agreed and disagreed with. It feels unjust to leave the team at the current state the server is in, but I've played my hand long enough and delayed this resignation for months, as I'm sure @Jadremembers from one conversation. I likely wouldn't still be here if he didn't convince me to stay. As for the position I hold on the server at the moment, I quite frankly do not care. I've become palpatine to implement changes, and I've seen some of them through. I had bigger plans, and I regret that I couldn't quite touch up on all the factions to the extreme I wanted to, but all things considered, I'm not going to be holding an in game position higher over how I feel in general. Life's a hard game to play, and I've been out of it for too long. I could surround myself with the fantasy that is star wars RP for much longer, but I've dumped seven, nearly eight years into this. I don't want to reflect on that when I grow to be older, I don't want to ponder in a saddened way about how I wasted near a decade my life doing something the inevitably never lead to anything for me as a person. It's a harsh reality, and while I've not been able to come to acceptance about it before, I've forced myself to this conclusion for the betterment of both my health, and for me as a person. What ill-will I may have will stay out of this post, as I've said it loud and clear in the places I think matter. I don't tend to shout people out, because those who matter most to me will still be hearing from me often enough through discord and likely TeamSpeak. I wish you all luck. I'm glad to have helped where and when I could have. "Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my way"
  8. From the Office of High Command 10/3/2022 From the Office of the Supreme Chancellor - Jayarr I'll make this brief, because our last check in wasn't really even a week ago. We're shifting around how regiments work, and the reasons for this change are pretty simple in the long run. As of last week, we have raised the standard of a BCMD by adding re-evals. This week, we'll be lowering the expected workload of RCMDs by giving them only two battalions to look over, as well as adding the fourth slot. This isn't to say that RCMDs won't be held to their current standard, just that we aim to reduce how much one has to worry about. Additionally, if any of you don't like the current regiment your placed in at any point, high command will be more open and willing to swap things around with this new system. That's not to say you can go an say "I want to be in this regiment NOW!!!" and you'll be put there, but you are a lot more open to be moved under high commands watch. So, what are the new regiment structures? 1st Regiment (Finn): GM ; 501st 2nd Regiment (Meow): 104th ; 41st 3rd Regiment (N/A): CG ; 212th 4th Regiment (Lyonaxis): Rancor ; DU Rotating (starting with 1st regiment): SOBDE Do not take these at face value. Remember the whole reason regiments shifted around in the first place; because we want you all to be reaching and extending outside of your own regiments to find interaction with others. You are the sole reasons and causes for what interaction can be found and made on this server, and I hope you all find a way to talk with eachother and generally interact more with these changes. Lastly, what is rotating? Rotating is the concept of utilizing a specific battalion, in this case SOBDE, to shift between which regiments need the most support and actively assisting pillars in the community. SOBDE is a very strong link in this instance, both due to how they are run, and how their outreach already works. They'll have a strong headstart in kicking things off for rotations, and they'll be moved around as high command see's it needed, which in all honesty, likely won't be often.
  9. +1 People willing to join this team would be much more excited and available to do events in a constant, compared to those who are forced to right now. This also allows for higher quality staff members, as the bar will raise ten-fold. Giving the community another branch to put in some work without having the stress of staff would be amazing, and could possibly be one of the top solutions as of late to fix our server pop.
  10. This issue has been marked as resolved and therefore has been resolved on server or is unresolvable. // LOCKED // MOVED TO RESOLVED REPORTS
  11. This issue has been marked as resolved and therefore has been resolved on server or is unresolvable. // LOCKED // MOVED TO RESOLVED REPORTS
  12. This issue has been marked as resolved and therefore has been resolved on server or is unresolvable. // LOCKED // MOVED TO RESOLVED REPORTS

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