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  1. hey man, we're gonna get through this together? Ok? this synergy poop madness has just about made me reach my limits and im actually going to be stepping in to do something about this blatant tyranny. And yeah, Fyi is a loser virgin
  2. this post was on the exact same day that kanye put out his deathcon 3 tweet let that sink in
  3. o7 this is a true day one original thug and gangster, i hope your vocal cords are still kickin
  4. -1 you piss me off with the ML too much lil bro (iykyk)
  5. +1 the only drama on server is caused by @Pythinso this ban reason is just untrue.
  6. +1 katy's peak was def luminara in 41st
  7. +1 he killed Dennis what more could you crazy people want?
  8. +1 i think this guy should be the governer
  9. shoutout to my barber dawg edit: inosuke said it best
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