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  1. After almost 2 years of being in this server its time to say goodbye. A few years back I joined this server brand new to Garry's mod and I was thrown into a community which I really cared about. It started as a hobby which eventually developed into something more of a job. The server was incredibly fun at the beginning. I met a lot of good people, the relationships that I created where special. The server got me out of rough spot in my life. The 41st was more than a battalion to me. Its a family, its something I have worked for tirelessly. My term as Gree has finally concluded and I can happily say that I made a difference. The 41st is in a good spot now and I have handed the keys to the right people. To those who call themselves my friends, you really made a difference. You made an impact on me and I can say that you have changed me for the better. Overall I have important things in life coming up which I want to focus on. The server is not fun like it used to be; and I really wish I could stay longer but life is calling. To those who consider me a friend I would like to thank you for all those cherished memories. They really meant a lot, but I'm afraid I've got no distance left to run.

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    Yes please +1
  3. @Tazthere is like 3 of these on the forums i think
  4. Anyone wanna make bets how long it's gonna take for another return or resignation. Dm me on discord buy in is 10$
  5. Update: All 4 wisdom tooth were pulled this morning.
  6. If by mistreatment in 41st means denied suggestions then i would not see that as mistreatment. Other than me ranting ab squishy leaving the battalion in which I personally apologized to him personally there was no mistreatment from 41st. Please refrain from making the whole battalion look like a bad guy here.
  7. Bruh how many times are we gonna do this
  8. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:444862476 RP Name: Commander Gree/Kevin Gates Battalion: 41 Who is in command until you return?: @meowthemeower , @Unkindled @Mor Length of Absence: I have pericoronitis. My wisdom tooth decided to pull a funni and have the gums around them swell and shit. I can barely talk dude to the pain. As soon as I get the pain under control or the swelling I will be back. 1-2 weeks depending on the dentist time of response. Consider this an ROA in case the pain reduces and I can speak once again. July 25th - Aug 5th
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