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  1. 9/10 super fun and epic esio famile
  2. +1 honestly a pretty cool map, it’s very open. Would definitely bring lots of opportunities for GMs to lay out props and large scale battles. Very cool map but +1
  3. Name:Mexico Bug: Can’t connect to server from teamspeak mobile Location of Bug: teamspeak mobile Date/Time Bug Started Occurring: since I downloaded teamspeak mobile, has never worked What is this affecting: Teamspeack mobile Notes: So basically I have been trying to join the teamspeak vía teamspeak mobile. I have my pc teamspeak account linked and logged in to teamspeak mobile. However when I try joining the server is says I need security lv 22. I have a super long password, and all extra factors turned on to raise security, however I still cannot connect thru my mobile. When connecting thru pc I have no issues, the account logged in on my phone it’s literally the same account on my pc yet I still cant connect. I would like to find a solution for this as sometimes I’ll be at work and I’ll have to deal with something on TS. Any help would be appreciated. Severity (1-3): 2
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