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  1. 9/10 Great work on the event, it gave a cool story and something to keep moving forward on fighting the enemy that bombed the area.
  2. 8/10 Fun to do when nothing was going on. Love to see the dog fighting and dealing with droids on the ground.
  3. Man I just can't believe this is happening... I knew him ever since he became the Chancellor and then came to CG to help us through rough times. The man was like a grandfather I would call him that when we talked to each other when I was on. Korm (Alex) always wanted us to stay positive and keep doing our best. He will never be forgotten in my memories and I hope his in a better place.
  4. 8/10 love helping you out, wish we could've ended the event better but i still think it went great
  5. Name: KnightVR Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:488808076 Staff Rank: Senior Admin Were you VIP: Yes Date: 7/12/2020 Reason for leaving: I’ve think it’s time for me to start focusing more on my life and play other game’s. I’ve been at this for so long and I think I’m happy with what I’ve done for this community. Farewells: Staff Team: Y’all are great people and without all you. We wouldn’t have an active and great community. You guys were a part of my family and I would always like making friends with the individuals who had join and left the staff team. Keep staying epic gamers! @Anderson Great dude, helped the GM program so much I wished I was more active enough to work as hard as you did. Thank you for making this community events good again. @Forseen Cool dude, stood by the community and battalions as much as he could. You deserve to be in that position you’re in and I hope you the best of luck @Kurt Loved your encounters/ events and was happy that you were always interested in my funny encounters too many people to @ but don’t worry I didn’t forget you all. Thanks for the laughs, support, and fun in this server :) Knight signing off
  6. +1 You got this man, you’ve been there with me and the rest of the former Fox’s in the past. No doubt you’ll do great in your term and keep everything under control o7
  7. Name: KnightVR Staff Rank: SA SteamID: Length of LOA (Please specify date if possible): 7/11 to 7/20 Reason: My laptop is complete ass when I try doing events so its hard for me to complete my quota. Im building a PC which will take awhile since the parts arent here yet so ill try my best with this broken laptop. Do you understand that if you go LOA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA on any RC character, or go LOA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position: Yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?: Yes
  8. +1 good guy, doesn't show any type of mingy side so far. I hope you last throughout the 3 months. But watch where you point your rockets
  9. Name: KnightVR Who Helped: Krimson Summary: Mando's that the 212th had murdered a bunch of their clan and stole their stuff had tracker device which lead them to the base. They abused a trooper as a message for a attack on the base with bombs and troops
  10. o7 A great leader and a good friend. Goodluck in life and enjoy it.
  11. Steam Name: Synr.gg | Knight RP Name: KnightVR RP Rank: Executive Officer Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:488808076 Battalion or squad you are applying for: Battalion Commander Fox Experience: Coruscant Guard I’ve been with the coruscant guard basically my whole time in the server and was here serving under 5 fox’s. I’ve been a Commander for about 4 months and received XO 2 months ago. I’ve been supporting CG for so long that I have done intel work, being a specialization overseer, disciplinary overseer, started up Diplomatic Services, conducted officer meetings every Saturday and so much more. I transferred when I was a CPL in CG and my main goal was to seek leadership skills when I was determined to be an ARC trooper which I did when I joined CG. I was a former ARCO and ARCL in the battalion before I was promoted to CMD. I was also a MEDO for the beginning of my time in CG. Over the years in CG I have built a sense of seriousness of how to handle a situation and deal with troopers who step out of line especially when I was under Ratio and Slump’s term. They taught me a lot during my time when I was working hard through the NCO to SNCO ranks. Once I hit Officer I was mainly a Colonel for a long time knowing myself that I wasn’t ready to be a CMD yet or even Fox at the time but I was still supporting CG and helped as much as I could. I’ve been in times where CG only had a hand full of members but I still stayed to help my battalion. The Lores characters that I’ve been in CG were Thire and Stone. Thire was when I was ARCO and I was aiming for ARCL. I did my best to promote more RP with the character with being more of a leader to the troopers. Once I got CMD I went for Stone to become a bit more serious in my position and uphold good standards with everyone in CG. Those two lore characters I tried my best to do as much as I could with them and others on the server when I was one of them. I’ve changed over years in CG in a good way of being more out of my shell and meeting new people. The people who really influence me in my time in CG were Ratio and Slump on their term. One another taught me how to be professional during an arrest and show some respect to your high ranking officers. It was always important to Ratio for his troopers to not look like idiots so he was very good at disciplinary which I'm doing my best to be like that. Once it was Slump term he shows great dedication on his back ground work in the battalion. Without him, the intel team wouldn't have been so stable. I'm capable enough to having that mentality and maturity on what they brought and also have fun at the same time. I've worked with Centurion and Kubert on a project that finally got accepted which was Diplomatic Service. I am the lead of the operation and we work side by side with jedi on diplomatic situations. I plan on working more with 104th in situations where they take charge of hostage situations and DS protects them. Staff Member: I became a staff member for about half a year or maybe it's been a year since I’ve been a staff member. So much time has passed it’s been so long :). I’ve been a helping hand to this community since the day I joined the server. I’ve helped with as many tickets as I can and tried the best I could to keep the staff reputation good. I became a TR before being a staff member which I wanted to help before I was a staff member. Then when I got staff I had a goal of being a GM to help the community out as much as I -can when during my timezone was very dead because people would think there’s nothing to do for those who are PST. I had become GM and all I could do was event after event. I love doing encounters for the base so that people won’t just be bored and leave the server. I was a GM for 6 or 7 months but I stepped down because of IRL issues but I wanted to stay as a GH to keep the community entertained with doing encounters. The highest rank I reached with staff was VA. I was a VA for about 2 months but then I was put down because a VA position was a place for a lookout on a new upcoming HA and I kept denying them that I didn’t see myself going that high. I was busy at the time but either way I helped the staff team even when I went back to SA I still don’t mind at all. If I still get the necessary tools to help me make an encounter then I’m all for it. :) Jedi My highest rank I’ve reached in jedi is KI and I am a Temple Guard. My jedi name is Vimir and I’ve mostly been a jedi for about pretty much the whole sith thing we had. I’m semi-active for my jedi reason because I focus a lot on staff work and CG. I would get on just to mainly RP with people on it or serve the baton family in the temple. I reached an investigator in TG and I’ve been in that position for a while now but I don't see myself as an INVL or any other rank in it since I’m busy with other things in the server. Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: I want to be Battalion Commander of my battalion to maintain order and standards within the battalion. All the Fox’s pushed so hard to maintain a good reputation with the server for example Centurion is one of the big ones who build a lot of connections with other battalions. I have plans that I will answer on what I want my battalion to be at the end of my term. I’ve been in CG for my whole time in the server which brings a lot of experience understanding the server rules and maturity during situations. I’ve built leaderships along the way in my time in CG which I feel like I’m worthy to be Fox knowing that I helped through the issues in my battalion when we had only few members and helping past Fox’s through their terms. I’m very open minded to people's criticism and take it as feedback that I can improve on myself. I try my best to help my friends/ comrades on the server on issues or even help. Looking back on how I improved during my time in CG, I’m determined on seeing the possibility of changing the way the server sees us and how CG can promote as much rp with the server. I love to bring I can handle being in a leadership position knowing how I’ve been placed in many spots of being a leader and being a XO seeing how what the battalion needs and should improve on. Communication is key and a good skill to have as a leader. I always try to keep in touch on what are the issues and improvements we have. If I were to keep everything to myself rather than communicating with others, it will bring down the battalion and reputation which I plan on maintaining. Do you understand the lore of your battalion or squad?: Yes CC-1010 nickname Fox. He serves the Coruscant Guard and is the battalion commander of CG. He is stationed at Coruscant with the Supreme Chancellor to make sure he is protected from anyone who wishes to harm the chancellor. He is very loyal to the Chancellor and will not hesitate when someone commits a crime. Battalion Commander Fox equipment is two DC-17 hand blasters and a standard DC-15 blaster rifle. Fox wore a kama and custom helmet similar to commander Cody from the 212th. Fox possessed a strong will of action and honor which made him really loyal to the Galactic Senate and the Supreme Chancellor. Fox was shown in some episodes in Star Wars the Clone Wars where he had to rescue senator padme and the jabba the hunt son. Another appearance he made was when there were demolish droids who were pretending to be cleaner droids who sneaked by Fox with a fake ID. Lastly was when Anakin Skywalker apprenticed Ahoska Tano who was framed from the bombing of the jedi temple and killed 501st ARC Trooper Fives for knowing too much of Lord Sidious plans. Availability: Weekdays: I can get on Monday - Friday . I always get on for about 3 hours a day or more if necessary for the battalion. Weekends: 1pm to 7pm EST Usually have meetings with the Battalion. Estimate of how long you've played on Synergy Roleplay?: Diplomatic Service XO Stone has played for 1591:16:04. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want your battalion or squad to be at the end of your term?: By the end of my term I want to keep a good connection/ reputation with the other battalions in good condition. So by contacting the BCMD’s in each battalion or even their CMD+ on how their battalion is going through and how CG can help each other. If one of their troopers were to be arrested I can already have a connection with their battalion and fill them in on the situation so they aren’t clueless of what happened. I’ll do my best to keep good communication with the other battalions. I want to mainly focus on internal affairs within the battalion. When I was working with Centurion he was working hard on trying to rebuild good connection with the battalions with CG which he did amazing on. But the downfall was mainly focusing on that rather than the battalion itself. I want to work as much as I can to build a good foundation within the battalion while still having a good connection and reputation with the server. The issues I see within the battalion is feeling like this is a job rather than a game. I want to promote as much rp with the troopers where they don’t resign saying “This feels like more of a job… we hardly do any rp… etc…”. So by doing what we did in the past by doing check up point rp, march rp, propaganda rp, and building small rp with the server like bunk inspections. I saw how we had an issue on just maintaining the rp. We would just do it for like a week and then just stop after the days go by. I want to keep that going so that when people look into CG they see multiple rp options to choose for. Another thing I want to see by the end of my term is all specialization leadership in the battalion fill up since at the moment we have some empty spots that need to be filled. I am the specialization overseer and I’m working on a way of seeking great leaders in CG and encouraging them to be a lead so I can train them along the way to be good leaders. If I were to become a fox I would give Kubert spec. Overseer and I would keep Affairs Overseer to keep a good reputation with the server. I want all Coruscant Guards to be very respectful and know when to stand up for themselves during situations. I plan to be strict with my troopers on having respectful tone to others during an arrest and do not go through arguments in OOC or in voice chat. I am the disciplinary overseer in the battalion and I am not okay with a trooper breaking with one of our Code of conduct rules in CG. Its rules in that battalion where if you break the four main rules you would either gain a strike or be removed from the battalion. I do not want troopers who see themselves above the law but more to make them learn to be open minded with people during issues. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your commander rank?: Yes If you have any questions or clarifications with my answers or plans, please make comments and I will do best to help you understand my point of view :)
  12. Name: KnightVR Who helped: Just me :) Summary: CIS attacks the base with a full scale assulet for a distraction so that the drill pods can go in the eng room. Once they will turn down the sheilds it would be a full scale attack. If they were to fail it would lead to plan B which is to set a huge bomb in vents.
  13. Name: KnightVR Who Helped: Just me :) Summary: Meteor shower had happen in the cy no one was suppose to be injured at the time of the shower. Some of the rocks are from a distant planet that has been overcome by zombies and it crashed some of the rocks on that planet causing them to attack the base.
  14. Name: KnightVR Who Helped: DJ and Jad Summary: Commando droid came in to base and planted bombs around the base. Were also to steal intel which they failed to do since they all got killed during the attack. They were to make enough distractions which they did.
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