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  1. +1 it is known that Sha Koon has been a hard position to fill especially for padawans. knights atleast have the Jedi female whitelist at the very least but it's still weird. There is nothing similar for a padawans to spec into. It would also just overall be nice for the Jedi to have more options for overall models. Even if this was a suggestion for a Kel Dor race in general added to Jedi then they could use that. But it's very hard to generally fill the position. It was the same for Tiplar and Tiplee
  2. I tried to get new knight models when I was Yoda and was basically told nah. They don't want more Knight/Padawan lore models. I mean Adi Gallia is leagues cooler than Saesee Tiin Yeah I am one of them. I would go for Adi Gallia if she became a Naval Jedi. Sure you can say "Why cant you help Naval now" well... because theres nothing that interests me in naval lol just being honest
  3. Jocasta semi has a purpose people in consular sometimes want to go for her as she would be in that position... She also has her own title on the server Madam/Librarian. So only Jocasta can put those in her name instead of rank and such
  4. So your deployment isn't actually an event written out by you? You're basically writing "change map have other gm's make events". Can you explain if that's incorrect because that's exactly what that seems like.
  5. Name: SquishyFIshy RP Rank: Jedi Master Suggestion: Replacing Saesee Tiin as a freelance lore master with Adi Gallia since Naval has Jedi's Implementation: The model is already on the server... she literally meditates in the library. Lore: Naval has 3 Jedi slots now if I am not mistaken and overall Saesee Tiin is not a great model or jedi on the server. He often sits for very long periods of time without someone playing that character. I think that Naval having Adi Gallia as she has worked with naval and is very big into intelligence it would overall be a much better option. Sure Adi Gallia also doesn't have the greatest model but now she has a purpose to actually be on the server instead of freelance like she was in the past. Workshop content if applicable: (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development") If you are asking to add or change a job, fill out the following if not, leave it out. Add or Change: (Any job modification requires all this information) Job: Naval Jedi Master model Slots: 1 Description: Model: models/tfa/comm/gg/pm_sw_adigallia.mdl -- its already on the server (Provide the model string if on server Ex. models/player/synergy/cblake/ls_squad/ls_trp/lstrp.mdl (Get this from the Q menu) Weapons: - She could have shadow/sentinel abilties on her lightsaber as she was widely regarded as one of the best investigators in the jedi order. (If you want a modfication to a weapon/saber you must put the weapon string in the suggestion. Ex. tfa_e5 (Get this from the Q menu)) Other:
  6. Name: SquishyFishy SteamID: 76561198084452149 How long have you played on the server? [Hours]: 1345 From 1-10, what would you rate your knowledge of the Clone Wars?: 8 Why do you want to join the Gamemaster team?: I was a gamemaster in this past and I really enjoyed just giving people things to do. Main server events really took no time at all to set up and just creating a short simple story gave people something to do. I also really enjoyed trying to create elaborate events on server 2. I had a ton of fun learning from Day and Mavelle back in the day on all the stuff you can do and even creating things in the skybox for multiple map usage. I just want to create fun things for people to do again. Do you understand that if you are inactive, you will be removed from the program?: Yes Link us to 2 documents. One that is a deployment for the event server and one for a main server event. These will likely be the first events you do as a GM. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EgDnWk3ijzJtBXCOmoc1EsKuSjDmVUub0pQc1u1dSwU/edit?usp=sharing - Event 1 written for this server. https://docs.google.com/document/d/15AV4e35iv_uF1AJECAOeDQ4CLtMKlAmszYwtzwkYMeo/edit - Event 2 main server event also written for this server. -------EXTRA EVENTS------- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EaSqtrefbnkHJ-kgTSfaN8gj62AnffPhCLVoLPq6pbU/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/10b_ErW5Czsv-eb0Ov-Cgc4Wr75dLrB1VQtsi5CFwcjo/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NxNFIA5zzKzlqjE2LIKsi24ssI8wGCkTeJWXj227g9U/edit
  7. Someone please talk me out of it because I am genuinely wanting to come back LMAO... FUUUCCCKKK!!!!
  8. I'll leave a +1 I appreciate the response it seemed professional and truthfully didn't realize you were already bounty hunter lead that kinda fixes the issue of full new leadership as you can still kinda of continue and work with the next bounty hunter lead. As far as the thorpy thing it wasnt bringing up what he turned into but what he was at the time but it's fine I understand he was manipulative and showed some who favored him what they wanted to see. +1 good luck put your mind to it and I'm sure you could do great things... Just remember to listen to those below you and it'll be great try and find solutions into merging your ideas with others and find an overall solution... That's the best tip I can give you for RCMD positions
  9. So, I have questions to make. First of all we all know I haven't played in a while and you could have changed your mingyness and such. But based on the comments it seems like there are still a lot of -1s for that very reason. My questions are as follows. First of all, Bounty Hunter is a hot topic item on the server always has been and im going to assume always will be. From my understanding Governor is basically faction lead of Bounty Hunter, Civilian, And Senate. How do you plan to work with the Bounty Hunter lead on making sure those that are going to mess around and cause issues get handled. Lets be real, new leadership on a game like Gmod means people are going to push their limits and see how far they can get its a cycle its also human nature at times on a game like gmod where a lot of the player base does happen to be much younger people are naturally going to want to see what they can get away with. How do you plan to handle that. As far as I remember back when we were both masters Thorpy was your friend and it wasn't really a secret and I am not putting the entirety of the blame on you because the vote obviously passed meaning it wasn't just you the entire master team voted him in. But you were the main driving push on Thorpy getting master. We knew he was a minge and we knew he wasn't mature enough yet you pushed him through with the sole reason of his roleplay ability. And that is the only reason you gave im not just pulling this out of nowhere. He was pushed to master specifically and only because he did roleplay a lot. What's stopping you from taking your friends and trying to boost them up again this time without really needing a vote and such (I don't know how governor works maybe you still gotta vote) since you have a much bigger voice than just a regular master/council member back then. Basically are you going to curb favoritism because truthfully that can be a big issue for EVERYONE not just putting this on you exclusively everyone can do it. I am not going to -1/+1 until these are answered and then I will vote accordingly
  10. LMAAAOOOO +1 unban this dude... name 1 person who hasnt "RDMd" as yoda or windu with kyber slam on accident once... my first day i kyber slammed and everyone backed up but the guns knocked me back into everyone and they died... actual dumb ban.. unban this dude
  11. Damn after all the weird things I've heard you and your roommate do in voice calls I didn't even get an @ we've been through the shit bro 😭 welcome to retirement though :)
  12. Im sorry but huh?? this is a commander app? Maybe put a bit more depth into this... This is like the most barebones possible answer you COULD put... like obviously you would want this but HOW?
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