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  1. Bug Type (Server:): Main Severity level (1-3): Minor (But for my sanity Major) Evidence (if you can): https://imgur.com/a/4xsTwAM Description of the bug: The hilt and the blade are disconnected when I setscale How can we recreate it: Set Scale and then use the lightsaber
  2. I spoke to xaze he said it was not intended and to make a bug report for it. @BigBossso you see this as well.
  3. Bug Type (Server:): Main Severity level (1-3): 2 Evidence (if you can): Not really possible to give evidence without a video and my computer is not able to record at the moment Description of the bug: So as Jedi it is possible to go down certain trees to have more than 100 armor. However if you have more than 100 armor it cannot be replenished by armor packs until you go below 100 and even then it only maxes out at 100. How can we recreate it: Have more than 100 Armor and try to use armor packs.
  4. Jedi Council Agenda 08/06/2022 Weekly Branch Assignment Suggestions Changing the fact that we cannot host emergency trials without 3+ younglings or padawans - Squishy (Passed - Was not actually a rule and was a misunderstanding would prefer at least 2 but trials can be hosted if people ask.) Pink Crystal Nominations Promotion/Demotion/Removal/Interviews Applications Sentinel Lead - Open Guardian Lead - REDACTED Consular Lead - REDACTED Consular Master - Open Named Master Promotions Ki-Adi Mundi (Galactic Marines) - Open Luminara Unduli (41st) - Open Plo Koon (104th) - Open Obi-Wan Kenobi (212th) - Open Jocasta Nu (Freelance) - Open A’Sharad Hett (Freelance) - Open Kit Fisto (Freelance) - Open Open Floor PTS Sabers - Willy People to watch for master - Thorpe Bi-weekly Battalion Jedi Feedback - Military Advisor Branch Master+ PTS Chief Instructor Trials Overview and Feedback
  5. Bug Type (Server:): Main Severity level (1-3): The highest because I literally can't do any of my other characters Evidence (if you can): Evidence <--- Hyperlink Description of the bug: So I will try my best to explain this. I have reinstalled my game, relaunched my game, changed my resolution, and uninstalled all my workshop content and nothing is fixing this. I have had this happen in the past but usually relogging fixes it. This time I can literally only click my clone and I can't click any other characters which is kind of an issue considering I don't main clone. If there are any ideas how to fix this that would be great. How can we recreate it: No clue it just randomly happens sometimes when I log in and this time its not stopping.
  6. Name: Squishy RP Rank: 212th Colonel / Council Member / Senator Suggestion: Currently the duel area is in the middle of nowhere and I don't currently think it's possible to get there to watch the duels. Maybe the duel area can be set to under the glass in the main lobby by bunks. People can watch and theres some obstacles in there it would make it interesting and something fun for people to do. Implementation: Changing the duel arena location. Lore: None Workshop content if applicable: None (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development") If you are asking to add or change a job, fill out the following Add or Change: None (Any job modification requires all this information) Job: None Slots: None Description: None Model: None (Provide the model string if on server Ex. models/player/synergy/cblake/ls_squad/ls_trp/lstrp.mdl (Get this from the Q menu) Weapons: None (If you want a modfication to a weapon/saber you must put the weapon string in the suggestion. Ex. tfa_e5 (Get this from the Q menu)) Other: None
  7. Now we start over again A = America
  8. He's on LOA but @Mavelle
  9. Bug Type (Server:): Main Server Severity level (1-3): Minimum Evidence (if you can): Just playing your character for the first time each day. Description of the bug: When you log into the server on your jedi first and no other characters you will not be given your wiltOS stats. You have to swap characters a few times to get the health stats to actually update. How can we recreate it: I don't know if this is all jedi in general regardless of if you choose them first or not but I main Jedi so it's the first character I log into when I launch the game. If you have extra health or armor in wiltOS it will not register and you will be at your F2 stats.
  10. Damn bro... not even a ping..... Wish you the best of luck in life and I appreciate you and everything you did for 41st while I was there. You were one of my first true friends on this server... actually probably the first.... For old times sake.... one last salute and you cant at ease me for this one.
  11. I know we had our issues in the past however over the past month or 2 I feel there are no qualms between myself and you after the situation that happened I personally believe that speaks volumes. Have been able to just sit in a channel and talk about random shit with no issues. After reading your app and seeing this extensive history that truthfully I had no clue about. I believe you have the experience to take these 3 battalions where they need to be +1
  12. I don't think I argued with meow about making any decisions and if I did I am sorry but I honestly don't remember arguing about decisions with meow at all. He was a regular jedi who I was willing to work with. Ok so this right here I will explain in front of everyone why I would "complain" about rank. There was no consistency in promotions. People were getting promoted without being TIG themselves and people were getting promoted without doing anything. There was a clear sign of favoritism here and I would question the consistency of promotions. This is all I was doing and was never complaining that I was not getting promoted. I never tried cancelling improcco tactics. I just personally did not agree with them because all it really was was powergaming. "Improcco Tactics" were used to void inhibiter chips, find any gun you wanted in crates during events, and even zipline completely across maps. A lot of things that just did not make sense and created a sense of main character syndrome. I just didn't agree with it never did I go out of my way to cancel it. The only TWO times that I brought up my rank were people being promoted with SAME TIG at a higher rank or Less TIG at same rank. This literally only happened 2 times and again just goes back to the thing where I was questioning consistency and not anything about the promotion itself. The council knows I do not agree with some of their stuff it's not exactly a secret. As far as you exaggerating there are points that you have listed that are over exaggerated quite a bit.
  13. So in Sage I was the only manager at the time with Lie Ren (who I hosted trials WITH at like 2am and was there to help them) and both heart and lovestruck were there and I was just hosting trials and we still to this day have it on a system of not hosting trials not often at all. I would never steal Sage trials from anyone because my starting trials were hosted with other people as well. Also I don't know how you can steal Sage trials from people if we have never had a quota for the week for the entire sub branch. We would just host these trials as we see fit back then. So lets talk about this for a second. There are multiple times where I would be sitting in the channel and I did NOT want to do a tryout but we had staff joining the channel saying that someone needs to do the tryout because no one else would. I have never once told someone no I will do it because truthfully I dislike doing tryouts and never once WANTED to do them in 41st and to this day still dislike doing them in 212th however I still do when needed. I don't remember any time I said I would log things for people after doing something for them. As a matter of fact even after doing those 2 trials that I stated I would be doing for Pythin and Willy as a master I logged them because I hosted them. I don't know why I would give people credit for work they did not do and why I would take work from people that I honestly did not want to do in the first place. In 212th I will go out of my way to ask if people want to do something that counts for merits. I will still complete my tasks when needed and do what I have to do if no one does want to take it but this is again something that never happened. This is really an extremely absurd over exaggeration and truthfully why would I think someone dislikes me for something as small as this. This was back in 41st and I know what you're referring to here. I would state that I needed help because yes I was doing a lot of the work back then. To the point where I was getting frustrated and burned out. I would actually leave things to get done to watch and see how long it would take and sometimes it would not get touched for a day and in very rare cases 2 days. I made a post asking for help because I wanted 41st to be a family that did everything together and split the workload across the entire battalion and not just the 3 or 4 people that were doing stuff. I have never done that since because I feel like the work load everywhere else since then is split very evenly and everyone handles their own weight. 41st may have changed since then and I am not using this time to air out dirty laundry but I am using this time to clarify that yes I did say something similar to that in 41st and I am here giving my reasons why.
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