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  1. +1 I don't understand why this decision was ever made in the first place.
  2. yes, because "Don't make fun of me I'm autistic" was my copy and paste you fuckin moron
  3. -1... don't think I need to elaborate
  4. -1, I definitely see where you're coming from but the descriptions are like a mark of pride for some people. It's kinda like a gift that high staff can give. You may say that I'm only saying this because I want to be one of the people with a description but mine ain't exactly the most flattering. Also you used the word cringe unironically in your post and that's yucky
  5. I think you're the annoying one <3 love you hanz +1
  6. Wait Xiaos only 19. What the fuck.. +1
  7. Eh, as someone who has done the same kind of retarded shit (not the doc leaking but the other part) I'm going to play devils advocate and give you a +1 Obviously with server rules u fuck up within... I think it's a month and you'll just get put back on the list so eh why not give you a chance
  8. You idiot.. you were supposed to pass the torch down to me not lob it at my head.
  9. The God of Medics has spoken. +1
  10. After talking with Beetle is TS I'm gonna give him a +1

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