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  1. NOBLE WHY ARE YOU LURKING ON THE FORUMS I MISS YOU oh ya +1 btw, Kaiser's great.
  2. +1 I don't disagree with this.
  3. @Xaze Why didn't you tell me this before I resigned smh
  4. +1 Man's came back after I left, I see how it is.
  5. I've had a great time on the server since I've came back for the third time, I have met a lot of new people and a lot of friends who I feel I've made quite strong bonds with, ultimately life screwed me over with losing my job and having to get a new one causing my activity to end. I don't think I'd be a good fit on the server until I finally am stable in my life again, hopefully this will not be a final farewell but more of a temporary goodbye. Now time to shout out a ton of people. @KaiserNeiner Words cannot be put how much I respect and trust you man, you are easily one of the closest friends I made on the server from all the times I've played, you mean a lot to me and I am glad to have served with you. You are the best 212th BCMD I have seen and you are beyond measure of how great of a friend you are. I wish I could've been there with you as a Foxtrot member but it seems it was not too be. I love you as a brother and I hope you can call on me whenever. @Rizzo Rizzo you're also another person I don't think words could properly justify how much I respect you and regard you as a friend, you were always there for me and still are for whenever I need help. I'm glad I could be one of the squad leads under you during your time as BCMD and overall happy to be apart of SOBDE while you were in it. I know we've had rough patches over the course of our friendship but I'm glad that through thick and thin we stuck together and perceived. I'm sorry I let you down in my final months as Niner. @jacobfyfe Jake I hope you get BCMD, you deserve it in my eyes as a great leader and a great friend. I truly enjoyed almost every moment I was with you in TS and in game, you're a funny kind person who I respect deeply, I'm glad I could be in SOBDE with you in it, I hope you go for BCMD again and get it this time. I remember coming back to the server and recognizing you immediately from the amazing events you made on Titan Base and Anaxes. Stay in touch my friend. @Super_ Super I couldn't be more proud of you for what you have accomplished and achieved on the server, from Mas Amedda, Arligan Zey, to Yoda, while I was never a jedi main I have heard that you are a great Yoda and I couldn't agree more. From the time we met as Senators you are a great friend and person who I'm glad we shared time together throughout the several battalions we were together in. I hope you go far on the server, but you're already Yoda so I don't know how much higher you could get lol. @Sina Sina you're the best Etain any Niner could've asked for, you really are and I'm sorry that you have to go through another Niner again, but I'm glad that you were in Omega Squad with me as a friend and as a mentor. @Mystic I'm sorry if I let you down Mystic as a Squad Lead, but I want you to know I have a lot of respect for you and I'm glad you stuck with me in Omega for as long as I was in there, good luck in your future endeavors man. @Hector Hector you're also a good friend of mine who I respect, I enjoyed you as Fi and as Atin in Omega squad and am glad that you were apart of Omega, I know not of what your plans are for the future in synergy but I hope you achieve them. @Ollie_ I know we never really saw eye to eye on anything, or maybe that was just me, but when I was a VA I looked up to you greatly as a mentor and a friend and I still do now. You were a great Kal and are a great Director. @LIl-J Lil-J you helped me stay on the server and Omega when I was having doubts for a bit, and I'm glad you eventually joined Omega, I hope you enjoy Scorch as I feel you play him extremely well. @NissanMikli I really hope you're not dead, but Nissan I loved all the great nights of Phas we played and you were a great Fives, I'm always down to hang if you come back from the grave <3 @Joyboy Same to you Joyboy, those 3 AM Phasma nights are great memories in trying times that I have, I know I didn't see much of your Rex term but I wish you luck as ATK Reg when you get it. @Misfit1 Misfit, I am so proud of you that you got CMD in 212th, you're a great person and are an amazing leader. @SaintCrys Saint you are also a great leader and friend that has proved himself worthy of his rank inside of the 212th, keep up the good work and continue making ARC proud. @Kase Kase you're great, there's not much else I can say. @Finn You're really cool, I wish we talked more, but I think you're a real homie and a cool ass dude. @Brooklyn Brooklyn I also think you're a really cool and funny guy, and I enjoyed a lot of the times we hung out in TS and in game. @Acer I can't believe you went to Null, but you were an amazing Arligan Zey, and I loved helping build your office for you. @Luxz I was only able to promote Hector to SGM 5 times, so I guess you won the bet in the end. @Xaze You are a person who truly loves and cares for the server, I hope you can bring it further into the future and support it. Also you should get Founder. There is many many more people that I have met and had good times with but unfortunately I cannot think of anymore than I already have. I will leave off by saying I love this server and the people in this server, and I truly thank all of you for letting me come back and have a great time on the server again. I love you all and wish you love and happiness in your life. Time to insert a super sad song that I like.
  6. -1 If you can't see "(Insert Name) (Insert SteamID) has joined for the first time!!" You might need glasses.
  7. This might be a bit of a hot take but I think BOTM's biggest weakness is that there isn't enough incentive to go for it. 1 event server deployment, a stand, and a hangar bay that, as far as I've seen, is rarely if ever used. Maybe it's just me but I see that as pretty meager rewards for the insane amount of trainings and recruits that some battalions get, for example 212th breaking it's own recruitment record last month with 107 new recruits. I don't know personally what an apt reward would be but I think what it is now is pretty meh and some people might not strive to get it. I could also be looking at this at a totally wrong angle and sound pretentious as hell but that is my honest thoughts. I agree with Hanz about how the event server deployment is cool but that's like nerfing a weapon 10 times then buffing it once and saying "Hey look we fixed it." Considering the fact that we had the event server for public use and now it's off limits unless we hit 90 pop or BOTM.
  8. Name: Kortnul Staff Rank: SA Are you VIP?: Ye Date: Today Reason for leaving: lol Farewells: none
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