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  1. 5/5/5 Thank you for hosting an event for us, we appreciate the effort
  2. +1 I support having a Welsh Commander Cody
  3. Your misunderstanding of the rules is extremely concerning to me. You did not strip his weapon. Even handcuffed you can hold onto a grip and pull a trigger, but furthermore in that roleplay scenario he had full access to his weapon. No if ands or buts, according to the rules he was well within his rights to shoot you
  4. 1. None of this applies to Kaiser because he did not has staff powers at the time 2. Non-Lore Character, Non-BCMD, and models not uploaded solely for pixelcat's use are free to be used by the GM team. Commandos do not need to take their helmets off so long as they are using CIS weapons to engage clones. Until a new commando droid event job is created with our current models the issue of the model having a clone head will still exist, which is part of the reason the rules are written the way they are. I highly suggest you expunge this as evidence simply because it does not apply to the person you are attempting to report.
  5. Will you be doing anything about the multiple rule breaks from others mentioned previously? Will you be attempting to punish any of the other people breaking rules in these clips?
  6. This report feels more like a personal attack over a concern with Kaiser's behavior. I have personally witnessed you, in both clips and in person, allow or participate in rule breaks. I saw one just last night where you and another member of CG shot at a hunter who failed a fake base pass role with no warnings or hostility on their part when they went to flee. I have also seen you intentionally look away from RDM/Unauthorized executions of bounty hunters. I very highly doubt that you are coming from a place of genuinely wanting to protect the community. This feels like a personal vendetta. The sheer amount of "Anonymous" reports without any sort of logged information, clips, or messages to prove that these reports even exist is very concerning. Also, as Mazen pointed out, some of these clips are old. It really looks like you've been collecting clips and data for the sole purpose of making this report. Have you spoken to Kaiser about any of this? Furthermore, many of these clips are just of him fucking around. The tower clip, for example, wasn't harmful to anyone at the time and has only been made an issue due to you saving it for what appears to be this purpose. To address these clips one by one 1. In the "Not following Fear RP" clip there appears to be more than one hunter in the room assisting him in raiding the brig. Fear RP applies when you have a minimum of three guns on you and are alone, not in an active combat situation with several allies in the same room to assist you, 2. Telling CTs to board ships they don't have trainings for: There is no way to tell who has trainings and who doesn't, (In the moment without tabbing out of game, pulling their steam ID, and finding then searching the correct forms), first. I was ATAP trained for the brief period in which I was a CT recently. Secondly, that's obviously a joke that more than one person was participating in. 3. In the third clip the CT hadn't intercomm abused yet. While he was certainly trespassing it is common to try to convince the person to leave over being arrested. Kaiser was not saying anything in the clip and there was a member of CG in the room. CG has priority over minor rule breaks, it was the CG's job to warn, escort out, and or arrest the CT. How do you know that Kaiser wasn't on stand by to mute the CT once he started the Intercom abuse? While I do not agree with the then current Obi-Wan taunting and goading the CT into getting into trouble Kaiser hadn't done anything wrong in this clip. 4. The Massif clip. While the comments were inappropriate for a Debrief this is benign. People have said much worse in the recent past, Including CG members being elitist and lording over Kaiser for getting him arrested. 5. The clip starts with blatant failrp from the trooper opening the doors. The only cases in which using a fusion cutter to open doors is allowed is with proper roleplay. Also, you in fact did not take or knock away his weapon. That's a failure of your bind, not Kaiser's. Any player would reasonably look at that and go "Well I still have my weapon in my hands". The evidence provided here for misconduct is watery and unconvincing at best. There's clear evidence of you/the clip taker ignoring rule breaks of others specifically to target Kaiser. This whole thing feels disingenuous.
  7. 5/5/5 Wish it was longer
  8. 5/5/5, thank you for putting in a shit ton of effort into this deployment. Literally could not have run any better, and that was a hella long deployment.
  9. +1 Please start abusing your power because that would be funny
  10. +1. You are the worst fives, a terrible fives, the most horrible fives of all time. Crooked reborn and your cronies in the swamp.
  11. +1. You have been a very active Rex, and 501st has done great under your leadership. You, at least to me, seem laid back enough as a BCMD to make a good RCMD.
  12. For a long time in the community there's been debates about certain subunits essentially being made up or counter to the lore. At this point I heavily believe the community has moved past really caring about those sorts of things, especially with Disney retconning or invalidating large swaths of the EU with official content. We all know that sticking to the lore with 100% accuracy is both boring and hard to do, hence why we have so many wild events that tread paths completely away from the official starwars lore. So, going forward, what does the community think about adding in custom subunits/specialized units with the purpose of just being something cool and different? Acknowledging the fact that there would need to be effort put into creating standards and quality controls, how interested would we be in either small specialized units pulled from the EU or completely made for synergy? I have run a bunch of prompts through Dalle 3 to get some concept art for such units. In my head these would make sense as subunits or a SOBDE-esque, (in structure not function), battalion comprised of different units. Below are some images, including one in synergy colors.
  13. Name: Bane RP Rank: SGM Suggestion: Add a toggleable, either in Helix or C menu settings, CR/CC announcement that allows all players to know when a CC is joining Implementation: Xaze adds another tick box to either the Helix settings or the C menu settings so it can be turned on/off based on player preference. Preferably it would be a big text in the middle of your screen stating that a CC needs a trainer based on a cc connecting for the first time. Lore: Training CCs is vital to synergy lore Workshop content if applicable: Requires development (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development")
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