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  1. Ive been with him since he was a wee little Padawan. He did great with us in Rancor and has been great ever since. He is basically the face of the Jedi Order right now (L Super) and fully deserves the chance at this position. You better have a better Yoda voice than Super. +1 , He won't disappoint fr
  2. +1 if y'all can do it. We don't have a large area for dupes right no whatsoever and we are having to claim ilum everytime we wanna use a medium sized dupe. <- sucks for others
  3. I hope this comes true, +1
  4. I love super and think he can do a great job, though the application is in reality terrible, I know that doesn't reflect his abilities in game and in other areas. I do have a few questions though... You have had a decrease in activity towards this latter part of your Yoda terms, will this change if you get Palpatine? I know you are not going for the position because of RP, but I saw minimal RP throughout your Yoda terms, will this increase?
  5. Will you stop Naval from making new docs (MED/Pilot) every single time they get a new lead?
  6. +1 Boom is a good man!
  7. -1 Im sorry but if Fordo can't get it, KU shouldnt.
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