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  1. This event was great 5/5/4 Keep it up
  2. This event was great 5/5/5 Reminds me about the Dungeon Event Keep it up
  3. This event was great 5/5/4 keep it up
  4. This Event was Great 5/5/5
  5. The Event was a blast so many Droids 5/5/5 Keep it up
  6. This Event was a great shock Desertor must be Killed 5/5/4 keep it up
  7. Are their going more helmet skins
  8. this event was great 5/5/4 keep it up i sure enjoyed it
  9. this event was some how great 5/5/5 keep it up
  10. This Event was great 5/5/4 keep up the work
  11. This event is great 5/5/4 great work keep it up
  12. Bruno647


    This event was a Challenge and i had fun out their 5/5/4 Great work keep it up
  13. Bruno647

    The Compound

    The event was Great like it 5/5/5 keep it up
  14. This was sad but Great 5/4/5 rest in peace 3/ our 5 man Squad Also Hate sand it gets in everywhere
  15. This was a great Event 5/5/4 well it was great and keep it up
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