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  1. 7/10 Fun rp. lots of down time of not much stuff but still fun. (following rating scale)
  2. Dono


    Casey Lee Williams is top tier. Code geas got bangers too
  3. Dono


    Pretty much anything composed by Hans Zimmer are bomb tracks. Although AOT got some dope tracks as well (Vogel im Kaefig especially) For regular music I listen to a lot of Jpop/ rock / indie. Favorite rn is probably between Hydra by Myth and Roid or Haruka Mirai by kankaku piero Yes this music is used in anime. But the guitar go hard tho so if anyone got music like this let me know.
  4. Dono

    Geo Stealth Recon

    Name: Dono Who helped (If applicable): Event/Encounter Name: Geo Stealth Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): ppl did stealth stuff and snuck into a geo base and planted a ton of charges Did any Bounty Hunters Participate:
  5. Dono

    the Slip

    sorry about that, I didn't fully utilize rancor for this event. Ill adress it for the next SPEC deployment i run
  6. Dono

    the Slip

    twas intentional on some things and some things occured because I relied on certain groups to perform better in their field. Next time ill plan more for the event where that occurs.
  7. Dono

    the Slip

    sorry about that. I was already scraping the barrel with helpers since I deployed so many different groups tonight. I will definitely adjust for higher pop events, first one this big in a long time.
  8. Dono

    the Slip

    Name: Dono Who helped (If applicable): Atlex, Bane, Joker, Turtle Event/Encounter Name: The Slip Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: no
  9. Yeah it would definitely need to be preplanned out so that there is almost consistently something going on. I would not push something like this if people would just sit around for more than 1-2 hours doing absolutely nothing on a different map. My hope for something like this would be something chugging every 1-2 hours either on main or event server. The event server deployments would also be planned out as part of the main deployment with some time slots allowed for non main related events to occur. The project would take an immense amount of planning and coordination within the GM team but I still think its very possibly for it to occur if theres a push for it among the players. Hence why I started this post to survey what players thought of it.
  10. What is the general consensus on a full server deployment where the main server map changed for a day and throughout the day there would be deployments for each battalion onto the event server in relation to the main server storyline? Would you guys be interested in doing something like this and possibly even something as long as week in a similar format? Something like this would obviously undergo an extensive amount of preplanning within the gm team and the planning would deeply involve each BCMD, REGL and faction leader to properly set up for everyone. So if we ignore the possibility of things being poorly planned would you actually be interested in seeing something bigger like this from the GM team? @Taz @Conrad @Unkindled @Piff @Freck @Baelfire @Finn @Hanz @Pxnda
  11. Name: Dono Who helped (If applicable): Stroodle, Turtle, Shockpoint Event/Encounter Name: Moralo Eval Defense Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): CG and Naval go brr on space station and save moralo Eval from capture by the CIS Did any Bounty Hunters Participate:
  12. yes I will reflect upon how wrong i was for trying to give naval something to do when it was low pop and didnt want to just do a normal boring ass attack on anaxes. Sorry for the beginning as I lashed out since i saw an LAAT take off without even asking me if its ok to have an LAAT when i originally said no vehiceles in staff chat. Everything else with comms was naval completely misunderstanding what I was trying to say and then responding to anything i tried to say in comms with sass. I will make sure next time to never deploy naval into a forward combat setting and have you stay at base while all 5 active troops go destroy something over aurek for an hour and a half
  13. could you.... provide more than just the rating and give criticism instead of just rating...
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