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  1. no way this hasn't been answered yet. That's crazy LMAO
  2. Question: are all model suggestions still requiring founder approval ? Comments/Concerns: I’m tired of looking at 3 models on the civilian job, defeats the purpose of it being a “civilian” faction and would like to post a suggestion to have more models that are already on the sever added to the job. Staff Member you're asking: @Xaze@Jad Additional info:
  3. +1 if he does the same stuff ass before he’ll just be banned again, simple. If not, we have another player on the server
  4. +1 good luck in the interview
  5. -1 until you Promise to play in game and actually use your power as a regimental to promote rp and run entertainment in game. You are the biggest pill pusher for regimentals not doing shit in game. Yes you are experienced, but you do not provide much in game as a leader. Also you have the most proliferate history of being toxic in game whenever you do interact with anyone that isn’t a clone, which sets a bad example for everyone below you to follow. It’s important for a regimental to not only have good advice but also to have an impact in game with the powers they are given i liked working with you in high command before. But maybe it’s time after a year of being a reg, to let someone else up to take the ropes.
  6. Having a single vote in HC dedicated to the battalion vote will not completely disrupt the vote into a question of popularity. There are nearly 10 members of HC that all hold a vote. 1 extra vote will not throw everything off
  7. i have never seen the HC system as a democratic system. High command is self sustained entirely in its voting process whereby regimentals vote on other regimental applicants. The player vote on regimental applications and bcmd applications could very easily be subverted by HC in this system. Even if there were 20 more -1s then +1s on an application, someone could very well still get a regimental position or bcmd position in our current system due to HC being a self ran circle of elections. Therefore, you cannot guarantee that regimentals are players that are voted in by the people to represent the people they lead since the people who ultimately vote on who takes over as bcmd, could not have the same intentions as their regiments constituent. I would love to see some more democracy in this community so that players actually feel like their voice and opinion matters. Right now there is very little place in this community for what the normal player has to say, allowing a battalion vote in the bcmd selection process would help contribute to people believing their voice matters, especially about who should be leading them.
  8. Welcome to retirement! If you don’t quit cold turkey just know your doomed to relapse into gm at some point. : )
  9. This is very surprising! I really did not expect this result at all!
  10. -1 staff + GM just needs to start cracking down and enforcing more subtle rules like the tac insert rules. Ppl already are not allowed to place tacs outside base without gm perms, yet barely anyone enforces it. The medkit is balanced, people take time to heal and honestly I wish we had an actual medical system that would be like a pop up minigame to heal someone (something like the old eod system). What actually needs to be nerfed is the op Jedi healing and Jedi group heal. But the jedi force abilities are such a complex issue that has been talked about being worked on for the past year+ with 0 implementations to fix it. If the clone medics want to feel more useful, jedi needs to be reworked so they aren't the second coming of jesus walking around insta healing everyone. The medkit is fine, leave it how it is.
  11. Name: dono RP Rank: knight Suggestion: add this swtor prop pack... its a little bigger at 35 but it has a good amount of props. + it has crates that we lost from last updates that were on the server previously. Currently our props for crates / boxes on the server suck booty, its hard to fill in hallways and empty spaces right now with the crate props that are available Implementation: add it Lore: star wars stuff Workshop content if applicable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2867249923
  12. Dono

    swtor props

    Name: dono RP Rank: knight Suggestion: add swtor props, its 11 mb Implementation: add them Lore: star wars props Workshop content if applicable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2865916804 (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development")
  13. Dono

    swtor sith props

    Name: dono RP Rank: knight Suggestion: add this small swtor sith prop pack so we have more variety to build stuff for jedi to interact with. Its less than 3 mb so why not Implementation: add it Lore: sith artifacts still exist to be found in the CW Workshop content if applicable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1484803077 (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development")
  14. +1 Null failed before because of the members being super toxic and causing too many problems with elitism and horribly rping their characters. Sobde is dominated by a vicious cycle of old heads just cycling in and out for another set of former sobde. Null needs to be implemented on a clean start without any possibility of old members of null / sobde ruining it again. Not saying every old head is bad, but null needs a clean slate and honestly I don’t think it matters who gets bcmd on this specific topic since I expect that clone hc will probably just heavily push for null to not be just old former sobde anyway. This isn’t a bias, this is a limitation to allow null a fresh start on the server. also beetle will do fine as a bcmd
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