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  1. RP Name: BadDog | Plo Koon Steam ID: 76561198253741038 VIP (Y/N): Yes Age: 21 Timezone: GMT What was your previous staff rank?: Head Admin Are you currently staff on a different server?: No Why did you leave the staff team?: I had some big real life issue that made me unable to do my job on the server so i had to leave as i didn't want keep a position i couldn't get on and help with so i left till the issue in my life calmed down Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): We always need more GMT time zoned SAs keep the early morning people interested and having fun on the sever in them times. I have always loved this server and will always try do the most i can do help the server and i feel like becoming a SA again i can bring my skills back into the staff team and help push more events out. I can see that some SA tickets like for dupes etc stay up for a long time i want to help that issue out by accepting all the tickets i can for the NCOs help them set up for sims/trainings for the battalions they are in overall helping people stay interested. I also love building different types of dupes for people to use and i'd like use my mornings before work to do that again. i overall want to help the staff team out again and the GM team the best i can. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): i would say it went great i came back as a SA and worked my way up to VA after pushing the GM team. I became GMD and HA what was great and i tried my best to insure we kept pushing the GM team forwards. i was one the first people to do a full server deployment so that was fun and interesting and i would love to do it again for the GM team and just be a team player Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes
  2. +1 after seeing you in action and actually talking with you I can tell you care about 104th a lot and will do everything in your power to make sure 104th keep growing, I wish you the best of luck
  3. BadDog

    CIS Data Heist

    5/5/5 Simple but what we needed
  4. 5/5/5 Thank you for the event
  5. 4/4/5 First event back, i had fun :)
  6. I personally think you should have went into a bit more detail about your experience and what you have learned and had to overcome but I think it gets to the point I don’t play that much anymore so I can’t comment on how you have been leading the battalion the past month. You say you want to have more active members at the end of your term, how will you achieve this? What’s some more steps you will take to improve this over your term? How will you keep the battalion motivated? Few Battalion commanders have try to make Wolfpack separate from the battalion in the past and have always worked for a short time or failed what will your step be that will be different? You also state that you want your branch leads and officers doing what they ahould be doing, how will you keep them motivated to do the work?
  7. +1 Bringing back foxtrot brings that little bit more Roleplay opportunities into 212th within game keeping members who are here for a more serious roleplay time interested now that might be selfish to say coming from a former 212th BCMD but it's within game so the Roleplay opportunities will reach many different people within the server and if foxtrot is done the right way it will bring in a more serious roleplay experience from a battalion point of view having another sub unit like this will give another active member of the battalion a chance to lead a subunit and show his/hers leadership skills and also improve them as sub leads within a battalion should be the next in line to become battalion commander so it gives another person a chance to show and improve on his/hers leadership skills what I think is key bring in a more serious jedi position to the battalion what will benefit the jedi order letting someone who enjoys a more serious role have one being a knight or even padawan 1 on 1 advanced trainings 0r Group Training (Some Examples) if done right and keep the squad very hands on the server to set up trainings and even events will impact not just the battalion but keep the server interested as well the squad working together to come up with stuff well that just sounds like a lot of fun Recon Defence Sharp Shooting Stealth Target Marking - Search and Destroy 1 Lifes Capture and Rescue Stranded on unknowing place/planet Escaping CIS prison Lost behind enemy front lines Outpost living and Defence Stealing CIS future plans I overall thing this yes this will Benefit the battalion a lot but will also benefit the server if the squad is done right so i do not thing 212th are being selfish by asking for another sub unit as under Kaiser and the next Battalion commanders that this sub unit will be ran the right way to not just benefit the 212th but the full server so i believe 212th should have a chance to prove that, all we are asking for is a chance to prove we are moving into the future and we can do it
  8. +1 Yes!!! Kaiser you was a great Cody one the best I have seen my full time playing this server you have 212th best interest at heart and I know for a fact when you get a second term you will continue to do amazing work within the battalion, good luck brother 💙
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