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Synergy Winter Update 12/16/2023 | 2/3/2024

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Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to share the announcement and server changelog for the Synergy Winter Update. This update brings significant enhancements across five key areas, including performance improvements with a new map and data systems designed to optimize the server for 100+ players, a transition to the LVS vehicle system with an expanded roster of vehicles, the introduction of a revamped clan system for enhanced group dynamics, the launch of Realms for automated event management, and an overhaul of the ranking structure for clearer progression paths. 


Pillar 1: Performance

      - We wanted to increase and test the limits in this update with performance. Every change we did we kept in mind what impact it would have on performance and how we could improve the overall experience on the server. With that being said, we're bringing a new map, a couple of new data systems that should allow performance to strive when we have 100+ players.  


Pillar 2: LVS

      - In this update we made a switch from LFS to LVS. This is our now current vehicle addon on the server and it's pretty awesome. Some old vehicles made a return and a ton of new vehicles were added as well so we took the liberty to distribute the new ground vehicles across the Mechanized Regiment and set Naval up with their all new air vehicles as well. With this being a new system all vehicle trainings were wiped so that they can all start on a clean slate together with the new system. The list of vehicles and who owns them will be below:

  • 104th:
  •  - AT-TE
  •  - TX-130
  •  - AT-OT
  • 21st Nova Corps:
  •  - AT-AP
  •  - TX-427
  • 41st Elite Corps:
  •  - AT-RT
  •  - BARC
  • Naval:
  •  - ARC-170
  •  - Y-Wing
  •  - V-19
  •  - V-Wing
  •  - LAAT/i 
  •  - LAAT/c
  • Jedi:
  •  - Delta-7
  •  - ETA-2

There were also a large amount of other vehicles added like CIS vehicles and even vehicles not associated to the Republic or CIS that Civilians could potentially use. 

Pillar 3 Clan System

      - The clan system is something that has been in the works for a long time. We originally released this system back when we introduced Helix. The system was very buggy and counter-intuitive to the direction we wanted the faction to towards. This new system should allow for future expansion for the Civilian faction to group up and gain experience from the Republic & fighting one another. 


Pillar 4: Realms

      - We wanted to give the GMs something to work with. So we introduced Realms. These are scheduled events that can be fully automated. We're going to work with the GM team to really get these going. Ideally, we envision this being the future of events, and creating a full warmap system with the push.


Pillar 5: Ranking Structure

      - Awhile back we made a massive cut to the ranks available on the server with the addition of Helix and the state of the server at the time. We are now in a much more comfortable position where we felt the addition of more ranks for progression and a much cleaner rank structure would be a good thing. Here is the new ranking structure currently on the server:


- Added 'Private First Class' to Clones
- Added 'Staff Sergeant' to Clones
- Added 'Master Sergeant' to Clones
- Changed 'Recruit' in Naval to 'Crewman Recruit'
- Added 'Petty Officer 3rd Class' to Naval
- Added 'Petty Officer 2nd Class' to Naval
- Changed 'Petty Officer' to 'Petty Officer 1st Class' in Naval
- Added 'Senior Chief Petty Officer' to Naval
- Added 'Lieutenant Junior Grade' to Naval
- Added 'Lieutenant Commander' to Naval
- Changed 'Rear Admiral' to 'Vice Admiral' in Naval (Limit of 1 VADM and 2 CAPTs in Naval)
- Added Padawan I-IV to Jedi
- Added Knight I-IV to Jedi
- Added Elder Knight to Jedi
- Added Commander to Jedi
- Added General to Jedi


Pillar 6: New Map

      - This update we introduced a new map. We still appreciate and feel Onderon is our home, but we want to explore and try something new. From a new Jedi Temple, to three new planets. We're excited to see what our Gamemaster team and players think about the new map. We're looking for suggestions on what to name the planet/map. Let us know what you think!



Synergy Server Changelog

Clone Wars Server Changes

- Realms Module
  - Added Realms Server
  - Developed SQL System
  - Developed Watchguards 
  - Developed UI
  - Expanded on json rewards
  - Cleaned up, and added animations to UI
  - Added configuration for the realms server

  - Added AdvDupe Nodes
  - Added Waypoint Nodes
  - Added Clean up Nodes

- Clans Module
  - Scraped the entire last system, and restructured the database
  - Started on UI
  - Developed PIE CHARTS
  - Developed Panels for My Clans, & Dashboard
  - Developed backend
  - Added a meta sync to reduce load 
  - Redeveloped Contract Structure 
  - Developed Clone side of contracts 
  - Added Responsive design to all menus 
  - Fixed bug where image would not display correctly if you're a guild lead 
  - Fixed issue with Clones where contracts would not display 
  - Added animation for submiting contracts
  - Added additional responsive design for clones
  - Added Additional Shadow Feature so all Guild LT+ can access / view / modify clans 
  - Added the ability for senator, rear admiral, and bcmd+ to create contracts
  - Security Tested
  - QA Test

- CC Training Module
  - Added SQL Backend to track who's training
  - Added training_log to swap out of excel
  - Developed UI
  - Developed Backend 
  - Added a staff check 
  - Added Several security checks 
  - Made entirely independent so we can release early 

- MCS 
  - Fixed Load Issue
  - Fixed Load Order 
  - Fixed locality 
  - Resolved Major Zero-day Exploits

- F4 Menu
  - Optimized, and reduced load on server

- Anti-Cheat
  - Developed Core Anti-Cheat
  - Added Text notifications 
  - Added Log 
  - Added Staff Notifications
  - Added Scalable Heat Level 
  - Added Detections in sever modules

- Alt Detection
  - Setup Core functions

- MQS 
  - Moved to Non-DRM version, resolving licensing issues 
  - Migrated Party System over & rewrote core function to operate the aprty system
  - Optimized Party Halos
  - Removed Bad Hook causing Halos not to render
  - Convert previous Halo System to Gmod's inbuilt Halo System
  - Rewrote Party Glows. Bacta Kits now change the glow to go by health. All other players will see the party leaders color. 
  - Removed all unused stencil objects 
  - Removed Console Command Reward & Checkpoint

- Arrests
 - Restructured Table to now incorp the map name
 - Moved permissions down to VA

- Delivery System
 - Added new system for crystal, and hilt deliveries

- Map
  - Added New Map
  - Added 40 Quests
  - Added Text Screens/Spawns


Infrastructure Changelog

Forum Changes
 - New Forum theme

Teamspeak Changes
 - Several Bug fixes, and misc updates.


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Fixed some wonky spacing
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Head Admin

Planet should be Corellia (Any Agree reacts is a +1)

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Veteran Admin

Best name is Murkspire

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Name the Base Coronet Base, after Coronet City from SWTOR

The planet might as well stay Corellia.

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It was the whole theme of the map.

Corellia is cool but its got large factories and an atmosphere that doesnt really even fit the vibe our area gives off. It's lacking in the smog and outpost/temple area to be called Corellia

Trandosha is swampy, with fungal theme and a dark atmosphere. It also perfectly fits the aesthetic of our outpost/wooden village.

(Kaiser got to the rep farm first)

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Veteran Admin

Love the new update!

I think the new map should be named Kashyyyk or Scarif. The map has that tropical vibe, it would just make sense.

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im also batman

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Why didn't you tell me this before I resigned


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19 hours ago, Kortnul said:

Why didn't you tell me this before I resigned


guess you have to come back

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