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  1. 5/5/5 Loved to kill people as a Rahkgoul :D
  2. 5/5/5 Why did Blitz have to by one of those damn figurines? Can we publicly shame Blitz for inviting the enemy to our base?
  3. 5/5/5 Spice was indeed very spicy.
  4. 5/5/5 got to have fun being a loose CG
  5. Can the base be called Eclipse and the planet be called Elevon?
  6. I will do that, I hope that it works this time. But, I didn't go with uninstalling them, I only disabled them which is better because then I can enable them again when I want to.
  7. 5/5/5, got the final kill on the sith inside of that cave
  8. Does not work, did it twice, nothing.
  9. Well, all this did, was practically bug out my pov to the point where i couldn't see a thing but the skybox's color, unable to hear any thing or one, i was still able to shoot but no sound coming from there nor did it change anything. I have had this happen before, but the only way I could fix it, was relogging into the server which wasn't helpful during deployments or something very serious. But if this happens again, I will try remounting content command in the console and hope that it works. Because I would want to be able to fix this in the moment without having to relog onto the server.
  10. 5/5/5 much messeges.
  11. 5/5/5 like the reference to that good old movie.
  12. 5/5/5 great crash of the frigate!
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