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  1. Name: Karl Who helped (If applicable): None Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): None Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): 104th,21st, and 501st were tasked on a mission to investigate a series of tunnels. Once entered they were met with many Battle droids. Ultimatley the battalions ruled to be on top and ended up blowing the tunnels! Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: None Please rate using this scale Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible) Gameplay: Care and Effort: Server Performance:
  2. Name: Karl Who helped (If applicable): Ryan Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): None Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): The CIS had taken a ship away, eliminating all civilian life on board, The 501st Legion, 21st Nova Corps, and 41st Elite Corps, were tasked with fighting the CIS forces. Ultimately the GAR came out on top and this lies another victory for the GAR! Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: None Please rate using this scale Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible) Gameplay: Care and Effort: Server Performance:
  3. Alrighty, The "fuck ton of droids" that you spawned was a very large factor of why this event was so bad. The way you wanted it to work was the no care generic ending of a deployment. With all due respect as a fellow GM this was not only not very creative, but you quite literally ruined the deployment to get it over quicker. You had many ways to adapt to this situation besides spawning a hundred droids in brig. Not to mention you still didn't justify or talk about the fact that you gave an EJ a rocket launcher and broke GM rules. You could have not only kept cad bane in custody, you could have taken multiple approaches instead of out right spawning way too many droids from 1 POD to the point where people were getting stuck inside them. At least take the effort to put four or three and make it look like they were drilling through the venator. You could have attacked separate parts of the venator like the Engine room and shut the power off, or you could attack the HMC. At the end of the day you are trying to claim you adapted to it well but I am not the only one saying this but what you did had ruined the deployment for many. I am sorry if this has come off harsh I mean it with the most respect I can give as well as criticism as I am a GM myself and want to better the events on synergy. Not to mention you made a reason for the commando droids " blasting literal BLAST DOORS open with a rocket launcher" Which they shouldn't even have in the first place. Then when people called you out for it you actively didn't respond to it the right way. No offense but this alone ruined the deployment for me.
  4. 1/1/1 You tried, but I rate harshly for you to read this and improve. The utapau part was good, it was a enhanced deployment shoot em up but it kept us entertained. What I didn't like was that you forced cad bane to escape. Obviously we can not kill him but you could have kept him in custody. You tried to say it was your only option but it wasn't. Following that you threw multiple commando droids at us which wasn't an issue, the issue sits where you gave an EJ a rocket launcher, something ultimately outrageous and shouldn't be done again. Once again you forced most likely about 120 B1 Droids out of 1 pod to the point where people were getting stuck in a sea of droids that made no sense. Ultimately I hope you can improve with your future deployments and endeavors. Reason I rated the server performance is rated so low is that tick at numerous times dropped to 4.9 and I had soft crashed once.
  5. 4/5/4 Very good event cant wait to see what you do next!
  6. Name: Karl Who helped (If applicable): None Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): None Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Outpost was occupied by CIS forces, 501st Swept in and saved the day! Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: None Please rate using this scale Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible) Gameplay: Care and Effort: Server Performance:
  7. 1/1/5 To classify a shoot em up as an event is one thing, but to have a hunter continue leave spawn and instantly start killing us is another. Server performance was fine but honestly one of the least enjoyable "events" I've played in the longest time.
  8. +1 This dude has been amazing ever since I met him, and I know he can cook with staff
  9. Thanks for the question, I hope to clear the confusion. I had no intention of attending nor was planning too attend the tryout. My major and I were talking to each other until he said it was time to wait for Echo tryouts, following that I joined the channel with him and stood near him in-game. I then lined up with him (jokingly), close to a minute later those hosting the tryout joined and said "are you really leaving Rex for Echo?" I sarcastically answered "yes I totally want Echo more than Rex." After that Rohan had joined and said "hope your ready for the interview", Following that I believe I said something jokingly back to Rohan as all altercations I have had with him has been friendly and jokingly. After this it was nearing the time for the actual tryout to start, and since I didn't plan on attending I didn't want to make the tryout go on longer than it needed as it would only cause the attendees more pain. And I believe the following night Rohan had joined the channel that I was in and had asked me if I really left the Echo tryout because he said there was an interview, so I then explained to him I was joking and didn't plan on attending. I do plan to run again, even if I do not get it this time around as I do plan to stay and keep bettering the 501st.
  10. Firstly thank you for +1ing! If I were to not get the position I would still stay in 501st as it's truly been my home ever since I joined synergy, I still would push for the changes I want to make with the next BCMD. And would still express what I believe should be done. But I still plan to keep 501st running no matter what.
  11. Steam Name: Znox_Aquaz RP Name: Karl RP Rank: Commander Steam ID: 76561199061314586 Battalion you are applying for: 501st Experience: 501st Legion (PVT-CMD) 2022 - Present Day 501st Has always been a home for me ever since I joined on 9/17/23, any server I’ve played on on 501st has always been the one. I have been in this battalion for 6 months now, and I have seen it all throughout my time. When I first joined the 501st, the battalion was in a rough spot as there were no BCMD my first week inside, and the battalion seemed to be struggling. Following this, Joyboy was selected to be Rex, and his first few weeks were rocky as he was getting things off the ground. I didn’t spend much time on the enlisted and NCO ranks, as I early on distinguished myself as someone always trying to go above and beyond for the 501st, even once racking up 35 EOD trainings in a month. Within my first month of the 501st, I joined the heavy regiment and soon became a heavy officer, leading the heavy regiment to have 15 active members without a lead present. My time in heavy was short, as it was my goal to become an ARC Trooper one day. Once I became an ARC Trooper, I was given an instant ARCO position and was told to bring the 501st ARC program to its best. Once the ARCL I had at that time stepped down, I assumed the position and stayed as an ARCL for two and a half months until I was promoted to commander. Once I rose through the enlisted ranks, I was promoted to WO. My time at WO taught me a lot, and I learned how to run the NCO’s and how synergy worked then. Soon I progressed to Lieutenant, and following that I joined 332nd, pursuing the character Jesse. My time as a lieutenant was short as I was only there for, I believe 21 days. Once I ranked up to captain, I was entrusted with handling the majority of the officer training at that time, as I was the only captain for a while. I was at the rank of captain for one month, and during that month I achieved my goal of becoming Jesse on 12/17/23. My hard work and effort I put into 332nd paid off then, and I got the character I’ve desired since I joined ARC. In the final week of Joyboys term, I was promoted to Major on 12/20/24 and finally achieved senior officer status within the battalion. During my time as Major, I went through a lot of hardships, as 332nd at the time had taken a hit, and it was really just Vaughn and me to resurrect it. During my time as Major and even Commander for this matter, I was taught many things by the former BCMD Reborn. Finally, on 1/29/24, I was promoted to the rank of commander. I have spent 2 months as a commander and have achieved quite a bit in those 2 months. Once I was promoted, I was now eligible to become the 332nd Regimental Company Commander. My time as the RCC for 332nd was for one month. During that month, I worked with Vaughn to raise the slots for 332nd and work on a suggestion for the subunit to improve it. After that month, I swapped RCC positions with my fellow commander, Boom, and became the TC RCC. I spent close to a month as TC RCC, and during this month I selected a new TCC and have been working with him for ideas with Torrent Company and have been trying my best to improve the unit. As of recently, we added an application for TC in an attempt to make the selection process better. No doubt, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time within the 501st and have truly been extremely dedicated to this battalion. I have spent six months now doing my best to make 501st one of the best battalions on the server and want to continue doing that as BCMD. Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: Becoming Battalion Commander is such an honor to take and hold. This position has a great legacy from the previous rex's, and I’d love to keep this legacy going. The 501st has always been my home in synergy, and with the mass amount of dedication I put into the battalion, I believe I can put even more into the position of BCMD. Our officers and I have worked extremely hard to get the battalion to where it is now. After learning and watching the last 2 BCMD’s, it has shaped me to understand what is expected of a BCMD and how I need and want to carry my battalion. Becoming a BCMD is a large step in anyone's career in synergy, especially mine. I have been a commander for two months now and have made myself a very large presence within the battalion and server. I want to keep the legacy of Rex going, so when I pass it off to the next candidate, the 501st is in its best shape. Ultimately, I want to see the 501st soar, and with the changes I plan to implement, I believe I’ll be able to see that happen. Following this, I personally believe I hold the leadership values that best suit the position of rex, and I’m very eager to enhance the battalion to make it perform at its fullest. Availability?: Most times of the day I'm on as well as 24/7 availability on discord. Estimate of how long you've played on Synergy Roleplay?: I joined Synergy 6 months ago and have accumulated a playtime of 2400 Hours. Do you have a microphone?: Yes! Where do you want your battalion to be at the end of your term?: At the end of my term, I hope to have achieved many things. I wish to have set a new standard for the 501st that not only draws new players to our battalion because of it but old and current players as well. I wish to fix many issues consisting of player retention, the NCO Core, and the roleplay, as well as much more. At the end of my term, I plan to have fixed the player retention issue and have set a standard so high for our subunits and battalion,to the point where a new player joins the server and asks themselves, “Which battalion should I join?” I plan to work my hardest to make the first answer, the 501st Legion. Continuing off this, I want the 501st to be a warm and welcoming place for all that is inclusive and caters to all. I want 501st to be a serious yet calm and fun environment where everyone feels included, as it was for me. I want to have multiple opportunities inside the 501st that open paths for all who strive to move up inside synergy. I plan to ensure that our Office Core is cohesive at all times and that everything is running smoothly, spanning from regiments all the way to subunits. I hope to have all trainings run efficiently at all times, ensuring no one isn’t trained, especially in terms of EOD. By doing this, I hope to achieve BOTM during my term. Ultimately, I want the 501st to perform at its fullest, have the battalion adapt to my changes, and truly set the bar for the 501st to come. NCO Core The NCO core is the heart and soul of any battalion. It is the blood and glue that keep your battalion flowing and together. In my opinion, our NCO core has grown weak throughout the last month, and I believe this to be for a couple reasons. Firstly, it has something to do with player retention. When noticeably fewer members are on for your battalion, this leaves the NCO with no drive to be in game, and all they want to do is train to make it to the next promotion. Secondly, I want to ensure all NCOs understand their job and have the right steps and tools to understand it, as well as learn more about it. I say this because I believe many NCOs at this moment don’t understand what is expected of them or what they can do. I personally believe there are multiple resolutions to this issue. First, I’d like to solidify all documents that relate to them, as well as create new documents on each aspect of an NCO’s job and how to properly perform it. Thirdly, the lack of engagement being held between the NCO core is part of the reason it has become weak. We had stopped hosting competitions inside the battalion and have become stagnant. I will combat this issue in numerous ways. One of the ways I plan to combat the issue is by ensuring officers keep our battalion entertained by having joint training and simulations actively held to ensure we can spread enjoyment within the battalion. The 501st has always been keen on giving credits away as incentives for training; this is something I would say has stopped in the last month. I believe incentives for training not only give the NCO core a drive, they also give them the opportunity to grow and climb their way inside the battalion. I’d like to run a minimum of two training bonuses per month to keep the NCO’s engaged and seeking to train others. My goals, or hopes for these changes, are to replenish the numbers we have lost as well as truly engage our NCOs. Officer Core The officer is just as crucial as the NCO core. The officer core serves the 501st as the guiding role for the battalion. The officer core ensures all tasks are being handled correctly and that the NCOs are performing their duty. During my term, I plan many things for the officer core. Starting, I want to keep the chain of command that the former BCMD Reborn put in, as it gave each rank a diverse job that delegates tasks smoothly. Those inside the officer core will be upholding the NCO core, as I am confident they can perform that task. I believe keeping the chain of command the former BCMD put in plays a vital role inside the battalion, especially when it comes to the NCO Core. Delegating tasks between each rank continues to keep officers less stressed and can prevent exhaustion. Following that, I plan to make it a responsibility between the lesser ranks of the officer core to ensure things are being done to keep the battalion engaged, such as hosting competitions,simulations, training, and even simple things like hide and seek. Things like these are just so crucial, as we learned last month. Ensuring those are being held can make our process of repairing the NCO’s easier, as it solves one of the main line issues we’ve had with it. Warrant Officer A Warrant Officer is an applicable position that the whole officer team votes on. The position of Warrant Officer has a three-week trial period. Those who get past the application move on to an interview run by the majors, who determine if they are ready for the position. This period gives the officer the opportunity to understand and fully take in what their job and responsibilities are. The main duty of a warrant officer is to assist the NCOs. This does consist of many things, such as SGT training newly promoted CPLs, shadowing any training done by NCOs, and much more. If the Warrant Officer isn’t deemed fit for their officer team during their trial, they are fit to be demoted to SGM. Additionally, the rank of Warrant Officer will be in charge of hosting joint training for the battalion in the event of it happening and will ensure the battalion stays engaged. Lieutenant Lieutenants hold the duty of assisting the NCO core, similar to Warrant Officers. Lieutenants ensure that all standards are being met within training. As well as handling all disciplinary action for enlisted-NCO.Lieutenants are the role models for Warrant Officers. Lieutenants are held to an even higher standard than them, considering the number of duties they hold. Captain Captains are the next rank after Lieutenants. Captain is the starting rank in the senior officer core. The Captain's duties are to ensure that all LOA’s and ROA’s are logged properly, as well as resignations and role assignments inside the discord. They are in charge of managing the majority of discord work. Something new I'll be adding to the responsibility of Captain is to ensure that, on a weekly basis, the in-game roasted is updated and up-to-date. Captains play a role in assisting the majors in the selection and appointment of Warrant officers for the battalion, as well as performing officer training for newly appointed warrant officers. Captains play a big role in the battalion as they guide the lieutenants and warrant officers in the correct direction. Major Majors play one of the largest and most crucial roles in the chain of command. Majors are tasked with supervising all officers in the officer core, as well as being the ones who run the Warrant Officer applications and deciding who gets accepted and denied. They conduct interviews for warrant officers and have the final say. Majors handle all officer promotions as well as all disciplinary action for officers. Major jobs are extremely vital to the officer core, and with my addition, they will be assisting the captains in clearing the in-game roster. Furthermore, they also handle any report against an officer below them. They manage all officers and ensure everything is held to a high standard, as well as being handled correctly. Commander Commanders hold the most responsibilities in the battalion. Commanders have a large task to complete. Any task a commander does is crucial, as it keeps the battalion running smoothly. Commanders oversee the entire battalion, as the chain of command starts from the top. Commanders are meant to manage the battalion roster and discord and ensure it stays up-to-date and doesn’t break. Following this, they are also entrusted with the position of RCC, overseeing subunits and working with the respective leads to hear any complaints or needs voiced by them. Commanders are involved with making relations between battalions as well as being one of the figureheads in the battalion and one of the main line people to enforce the chain of command. Commanders conduct meetings with the senior officers as a whole and understand who is and isn’t performing at their best inside the officer core. Commanders also monitor Majors, and play a pivotal role in appointing people to that rank. Commanders are involved with keeping battalion engagement high, just as all officers are, and are the backbone of the battalion. Trainings Training is one of the most important parts of a battalion. Having good and quality training can make or break your battalion. Especially inside the 501st, as we specialize in EOD, one of the most used and crucial certifications on synergy. I want to ensure we have multiple EOD training sessions being hosted every single day. That way, no one goes without this training. Following that, another goal I have for training besides ensuring EOD’s are being hosted is to have my officers and I run joint training with other battalions. Joint training is something I personally love because it brings fun to most, creates a unique atmosphere, and improves relations between battalions. Outside of these training sessions, I want to have the battalion seek diversity in our training. As of right now, we seem to host the occasional joint training and/or SIM, EOD, and recruitment. I want to see unique training thrown into the mix. Some examples I have are subunit competitions that the RCC’s of each subunit can run, battle communications training, or even small things like EOD refresher courses for those who have forgotten. It doesn’t need to be anything major, but little things like those that can not only teach new players but also bring enjoyment to not only the 501st but anyone who partakes. Roleplay In my opinion, with the mild decrease in numbers, we have lost the roleplay value we had held not too long ago. Obviously, I have expressed how I want to improve roleplay within the subunits to better them, but I’d also like to improve the 501st roleplay as a whole. Starting with this, I’d like to deploy both subunits to work together during deployments and give them secondary objectives. This is something we started to do during Reborn's term, but it isn’t something we truly pursued. Doing this, I believe, will create roleplay within the subunits as well as communications RP in the game as TC and 332nd communicate with our main force through their communications link. Another addition I seek to add is the role of a communications officer during deployments. While an officer leads the deployment, the lead has the option to choose any enlisted NCO+ to take on the duty of communication with the GAR and give them the opportunity to learn how to report things in game. Overall, with those changes, I hope we can raise our roleplay standard, especially when it comes to events and deployments,and truly show the reason to be a 501st. Retention It is to my belief that within the last month, the 501st has lost its draw and/or retention to the server, which has become one of the largest issues inside the battalion. Part of this, I believe, is the large number of resignations we had this month, ranging from enlisted to SNCO. Another reason this issue is occurring is that our NCO core has been slowly weakening throughout the month with resignations, as well as a loss of engagement and drive within the battalion. Ultimately, these issues cannot go unfixed, and the battalion cannot operate at its fullest. I do have plans to fix our player retention, as said above. Some of the reasons I want to increase roleplay in the battalion are that it shows the 501st to be competent and can increase retention. As well as the changes to the subunits to make them more desirable and give even more reasons to join the 501st and the subunits. Another reason we had a loss in retention is due to the fact that our battalion did not stay engaged. The lack of activities that were held this month has shown just how important it is to keep your battalion engaged. To keep this from continuing, I plan to make month-long events that will happen throughout the month. During my time as an NCO, these are truly what kept 501st excited for every single month when these would happen. I plan to have month-long story events, ranging from 1–4 missions throughout the month and ending with a deployment. I plan to do this while including other battalions, as it can raise the experience for those who participate as well as engage both battalions. Overall, I see this as one of the largest issues as of right now, and I see how this issue correlates with the NCO core. I believe fixing both of these issues won’t be tough. Torrent Company One of the most beloved subunits on this server is Torrent Company. I view TC as an elite part of the 501st that has a very unique opportunity for roleplay. I personally believe torrent company has amazing potential to be, if not already, one of the most roleplay-heavy subunits in synergy. I think as of now, TC needs to improve its selection process. One of my largest goals in this area is to work with the current TCC and improve the roleplay standard inside the unit. The current TCC and I both agree on changing the tryouts for TC. With this, I plan to create an individual tryout dupe for every single character inside Torrent Company. Not to say anything is wrong with the dupe we use now, but I believe giving each character a unique immersive setting that fits their character for their tryout will give us a better understanding of how an applicant can roleplay this character. Doing this, I hope to bring Torrent Company back to the light they were looked upon 2 or 3 years ago as the stunning subunit it was, as well as bring back the standard that was held then. As of now, TC is in good health, but I believe we can put it into so much more with these changes and hold our standard higher for applicants to come. 332nd Company 332nds has always had a special place in my heart, as it’s the subunit I’ve remained in ever since I joined it back in November. Similar to Torrent Company, I think 332nd also has very large potential for roleplay. I wouldn’t say it is as big as Torrent Company’s, but the potential is there. I do have a few goals and ideas to overall better the subunit and keep it going in the correct direction. Obviously, we do have our suggestion up right now to make 332nd a real subunit with its own siege-trooper whitelist; if this were to get accepted, it would greatly aid what I want with 332nd. Besides that, as of now 332nd is in decent health, but I do believe there is room for improvement. The largest goal I'd like to achieve for 332nd during my term is to change the way they are looked upon on the server, similar to what I want to do for Torrent Company. The way I see it, I believe people view 332nd as just the “orange 501st." I hate that it is this way considering 332nd has so much opportunity to be one of the best subunits on the server. To combat this issue, during my term, I seek to change the image of 332nd to the fearsome siege unit that is part of 501st. I plan to do that by working with every single member inside and aiding their ability in combat by scheduling weekly training sessions in 332nd that involve combat effectiveness and roleplay. Another addition I’d make to combat this issue is to possibly change the tryout, as of now. It’s a great tryout, but I believe we can use something to truly fit the purpose of 332nd. Overall, with the changes I’d like to make, I believe 332nd can live up to its true purpose. Overall Overall, my ambition with my goals is to move the battalion in a direction we haven’t seen in a long time. I plan to set a new standard for the 501st by adapting to the changes I seek to make. My goal is to change the outlook of the 501st in all aspects of it and truly take a new approach to make the 501st look more than just youngling slayers. I have been committed to this battalion and will stay committed no matter what. I want to offer positions for leadership, and give opportunities to those who seek to join, and truly take the 501st to a whole new level. Watching both BCMD’s, I understand what path I need to take 501st down and am fully ready to assume the position of BCMD. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your commander rank?: Yes
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