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Onderon: The base update [8/4/22]

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Bug fixes/misc

  • Lighting in the base has been improved for the texture changes, giving a brighter yet subtle feel
  • There is now a killzone when you jump outside of the map
  • NPCs will no longer shoot through the outpost, and bounty hunter buildings
  • Moved 3D skybox to the bottom of the map
  • Fixed a tablet clipping into the rocks
  • Fixed several holes in the map
  • Fixed floating plants
  • Fixed a few clipping trees
  • Fixed a few holes in the outpost


  • Added several more area portals, hints, and general optimization techniques to improve performance for the upcoming overhaul of the base aesthetics


  • Added a small new area to the left of village
  • Added a small lake to the left of the outpost
    • The left garage now opens
  • Added vines to the rocks
  • Added a planet to the skybox
  • Added clouds to the skybox
  • Added four flying manta’s to the skybox
  • Added two buttons to the admin room
    • One boxes in the 3D skybox, allowing fog editors to look better
    • One button blocks of use of the ER buttons
  • Rocks now have grass on top of them
  • Added a navmesh to the temple
  • Added navigational maps around the base
  • Added ruins around the map
  • Changed the forest infront of the village to allow more space for Game Masters to utilize
  • Added out of bounds areas within base to give a more lively, military feel
  • Added dueling arenas at the bottom of the map
  • More colored lights within base, giving a less flat feel. Terminal props came alongside this change
  • Added defcon panels around the base
    • Two inside MHB
    • Two in bunks
    • Two in BCC
    • One outside of MHB
    • One in mess hall
    • One in engine room
  • Added four recruitment booths to barracks with interchangeable battalion signs
  • Every area has new textures. Uniformity and aesthetics should match in a more coherent, clean way
  • Lights have been brightened and added on most walls
    • Debrief expansion
      • Wider walls
      • High command stand/palpy teleporter
      • Fish tank above DB!
      • Spaced the stands out
    • Lobby/messhall/sim hallways expansion
      • Walls are wider to allow more breathing room
      • More props/aesthetic things have been placed around
      • Added a section for the daily spin NPC, and future NPCs
      • Benches added around
      • Elevator to BCC in mess hall
      • Messhall has a new floor that provides a visual into an out of map area
      • The biggest sim room had its roof raised by a rather large amount
      • Holotable is now present where old BCC teleporters were
      • Sim rooms have buttons to their doorways now
      • Big sim room has a lobby/waiting area
    • MHB/Courtyard expansion
      • Removed pointless walls that led to empty rooms
      • Converted the area right after the stairs into a more open combat space
      • Added two new small bays for tanks/small craft to enter
      • Elevator to BCC on the left
      • Added more props to courtyard
      • Improved how the entrance to base looks
      • Raised height of entrance to MHB to allow LAATs an easier entrance
      • Added three landing pads to CY
      • Removed gate wall near Jedi LAAT
      • Removed area with shelves 
    • Engine room modifications
      • Path to ER widened/heightened 
      • Removed some unneeded clutter/walls that served no purpose
      • Added more lights to the walls
      • NPCs will now die to the killzone
    • BCC modifications
      • Removed all carpet
      • Added two elevators (as stated prior)
      • Added a teleporter to palpatine's room
      • Modified the pathway between bunks, removed plants
    • TR room


      • Prettied it up
      • Closed in walls and removed unneeded space



That wraps up the changes made to the map. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.



Upcoming changelog


  • Fixed floating rocks
  • Fixed rocks with no collision
  • Fixed weird terrain around the map
  • Fixed jedi temple LAAT consuming entities
  • Fixed getting stuck in ground when using jedi TP
  • NPCs will no longer look at you through the outpost as I have blocked their line of sight. THIS IS THE ONLY AVAILABLE FIX FOR THEM DIRECTLY SHOOTING AT YOU. TFA bullets do not count as real bullets, so there are no counter measures I can take within the map editor to prevent shots passing through.
  • GM and CG recruitment signs will now display correct abbreviations


  • Added a new section between bunks and stairs/lobby area to allow event jobs a smoother run through base
  • Added another recruitment booth (making a total of 5)
  • Removed two unused bunks and added a bigger room (in their place) for future projects
Edited by Jayarr
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Gonna miss dropping off the map and making admin tickets watching the admins wonder how i got htere... but this looks badass. Thank you for your work guys! <3

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Its cool to see that the map looks changeable and instead of everyone asking for a new map all the time we can update this one more and more to fit our preferences


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Amazing! However unsure about the under the map changes I liked events where people would put dupes and teleport, adds options to extend parts of the map, like Caves for example. 

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3 minutes ago, Jayarr said:

I'll be positioning bunks into a new area next map update, which should be very very soon due to some bugs. This will both assist this matter, and also fix the issue where EJs have to run through bunks to get through the base 

Reposting this here since I mentioned it on another topic.

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