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  1. Honestly, Onderon had a better sky box for dogfighting and allowed people to use sector 2 for trainings. The sky box on our current map is taller but not as far in the other directions. Onderon also allowed pilots to show their skill by flying through or around rocks during dogfights.
  2. It was around 4-5 months ago during my Wolffe term.
  3. We got told by developers and directors that a named WL can only have 1 person on it.
  4. This change would not be removing the lore characters but just allowing more people to join the squad. So all the lore characters would still exist with the names and different bodygroups. They will also be like XOs of the squad and there would still be a lead. +1
  5. I’m not going to vote on your app because I don’t play the server anymore. However, as the former 104th Intel manager that fixed 95% of the roster issues, I could tell you that most of the problems where the roster was messed up was from the manual logging parts. It was quite rare for the bot to mess up the roster. Also adding NCOs to the roster increases the number of people who can make changes on the roster. I would be fine if they got the tag in discord and could only use the bot. However, if NCOs can make changes to the roster you will find that some people will screw it up just because they can, for example we had a time where someone accidentally set the editing permissions to everyone and the roster got completely screwed in the first few hours by people that were NCOs at the time. Lastly, as a former Wolffe I could tell you that Intel stuff shouldn’t be the focus of your term and that the battalion should come first.
  6. Name: Ghost Staff Rank: SA Are you VIP?: Yes Date: 4/3/2024 Reason for leaving: I have less total time to play on synergy with life right now so I’m not able to hit quota every week while still being a good 104th officer and SUPL. I also have a similar feeling as Clutch had in his resignation where the current quotas aren’t bad but every time I get on I’m just reminded of how I can’t be a part of my battalion and have to grind staff to hit quota if your not a full-time member. Farewells: Not leaving the server.
  7. Honestly your hours in the server are kind of lower, but it meets the minimum. So I’ll give you a +1, good luck.
  8. +1 Just from our short time working together in the past I could tell that you have the mindset and the motivation to be a great staff member.
  9. +1 He did tons of good work before in staff and should be a good person to return.
  10. Name: Ghost Staff Rank: SA Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): 3/28/2024-3/30/2024 Reason: Working on something away from home so, won’t have pc. Do you understand that if you go on LOA/ROA while holding a leadership position, a named character position, or a position with limited slots you may lose your position? Yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your staff/leadership position?: Yes
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