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RP Name: Armadillo

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:549349752

Staff member you are reporting: Monty

Staff Members Steam ID (If applicable): STEAM_0:0:168633446

Staff Members Wrong-Doing: Blew up my v-19 for absolutely no reason

Explain the situation: As seen in the video I was just hovering in my v-19 waiting for something to happen as an event was happening. Then he just blows it up for absolutely no reason what so ever with the ship explosion thingy.

Evidence (If applicable):
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I really don't see any proof that Monty did this, This report also seems incomplete and probably something more along the lines of posting in the staff feedback form. 
As far as i can tell there is no proof monty did this, Did you try speaking with him beforehand for a reason? Maybe he was trying to do something else and it was accidental? This is a very small, part of the story that doesnt really fit. gonna have to -1 this. i can clearly see him pull out the toolgun and shoot your ship. But it is beyond hard to figure out the battalion or who it was.

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How do you know this is Monty? If it could be proved then I would support this, otherwise I cannot.

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The High Staff team is investigating the situation. If you are able to provide anymore information please bring it forward. For the time being this post will be left open for further discussion. 

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bro deadass hit em with the "see you on the forums"


-1 mystic summed it up

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Just seems like a way of enforcing a rule. Don’t think Monty did anything wrong. -1

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16 hours ago, Clutch said:

-1 he probably deleted it because you arent supposed to be hovering in a v-19 :pepe5head:

The lower, hinged S-foils coupled with enhanced repulsorlift engines made the V-19 an exceptional vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fighter.
Arc is the only air craft you cant hover in

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yeah this was me. im pretty sure i blew it up because

1: shouldnt be hovering with V-19

2: didnt want ships to ruin the boss fight (which they did so i had to redo it with a fuck ton of HP to compensate)

and 3: we do a little trolling

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