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  1. I respect battalion loyalty. +1
  2. Its not often a CT like Boston or Socks shows up. We lost a real one today
  3. Name: Monty RP Rank: SFC Suggestion: Give new players one free grey tier perma weapon. One thing I constantly see is new players feeling frustrated that they can't get kills or frustration with the DC-15a/s in general. Allowing players to get one free grey tier perma weapon would be an easy fix for this as they can either A: take the perma weapon to have a combat advantage or B: refund the perma weapon and use the money to boost their stats, either way they will be able to better keep up with long term players. Players have better weapons/stats = higher player retention. for players who already have grey tier permas maybe have a week or 2 period before the free perma is impilmented where players can refund their grey tier weapons for full price. Implementation: Make all grey tier perma weapons free one time only, have a period where players who already have grey permas can refund them for full price
  4. Only 3 servers world wide, No aim assist on console , no crossplay, switch version has crashed on me 10 times, common bug that prevents you from spawning in. either wait or buy the original
  5. 5/5/5 Ion disruptor go brrrrr. had a great time even without it
  6. -1. nothing against you kaiser, Ive just always belived that a BCMD should be in the battalion their applying for before they apply
  7. the event of all time
  8. 5/5/5 Very clever gimmick, excited to see where this storyline progresses
  9. 4/4/4 was fun. spider droids did epic dance
  10. 10/10/10 W deployment, W afterparty
  11. 1/1/4 enemys were way to beefy, headcrabs took 3 direct hits from rc shotgun to kill. it was basically a mainserver defend the base shoot em up just on a different map, which is also what the EU deployment was
  12. 5/5/5 got to murder a gremlin and save christmas
  13. 5/5/5 Holy brainrot lois this worse than the time travis scott sick mode fortnite peter griffon mlg epic Really fun event, spectical was really engaging and fire and the flames part was fucking epic. Huge respect for seeing a big ass story line though to the end
  14. That one time I crashed the server by spawning ammo boxes from a prop, said how to do it in OOC not thinking about it, went to bed, and woke up to being perma banned from the server. Obviously that all got resolved but I consider that my definitive "Monty moment"
  15. 5/5/5. You have my attention. Lets see whats cooking
  16. they were nerfed because they vastly out healed npcs back when you couldnt set hp and weapons. that issue has long since been resolved but the medkits were never buffed to compensate
  17. This community will not be rid of until the day it ends what does this mean and how can i reference it in the future for the youngins
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