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  1. +1. Seems like your whole team wants you to run a second term. I have only had positive interactions with you so I can see why. Goodluck on the interview.
  2. Easy +1. Has been on the GM team before and I have personally participated in his event server deployments. Hope he gets re added to the team.
  3. +1. Potentially the best quest on the sever
  4. Name: Danny SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61004304 How long have you played on the server? [Hours]: 1063:47:53. Timezone: EST From 1-10, what would you rate your knowledge of the Clone Wars?: 8 Why do you want to join the Quest team?: The difference between a boring and fun quest is like night and day. Ever since I did that HVT most wanted quest where you get hunted down for 10 minutes and had an unbelievably fun time I realized that high quality quests can really help synergy prosper. I'd like to help out how I can. Do you understand that if you are inactive, you will be removed from the program?: Yes Do you understand that you will be given a quota and assignments and failure to meet these can result in removal from the program?: Yes Please give an example of a quest type you'd like to create. "Going Dark" This would be a clone quest where the user swaps into RC Omega Squad Armor(same place as the other RC quest), and has to complete 3 tasks. Task 1: Get used to new gear [Simple shoot em up against a couple droids so they can use the DC-17m] and head to Swamp Task 2: Go dark [ Cloak past 5-10 droids till you get to the next checkpoint]. The quest fails if any of them die. (I can see this being an issue with other players on the server) Task 3: Eliminate the threat [Final stand against the enemy. Time for quest is under 20 minutes so people don't jut take Omega Squad Armor and leave.
  5. 5/5/5 Good encounter. This was a superior version of a shootemup.
  6. Name: Danny Who helped (If applicable): N/A Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Droid's spawned for CG LAAT Patrol. At the same time I spawned Commandos to attack an ARF F.O.B Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: Guild Marshal Clu'Tche Vizla Please rate using this scale Please Rate 1-5 on each of the below categories (5 being perfect, 1 being horrible) Gameplay: Care and Effort: Server Performance:
  7. 5/5/5 Pouring one out for all my dead Zorbies
  8. Danny1

    Map Poll

    Just use your no-collided Pillars as SIM rooms :) Fr though half the temple is in the Ghost Zone
  9. Danny1

    Map Poll

    Onderon for life <3 Though Skybox for Corellia is so good gonna miss it. If Onderon could get a small update too that would be a blessing
  10. 5/5/5 No Glaze Probably the coolest event I've been to in terms of creative application of all the potential tools GM's have. Teleport Portal/ The announcement bar popping up/ Boss Fight were all tools that would be awesome to see in more events. Would rate this higher if I could.
  11. Man. I am very sad. That is all. I lied. Bro I hope everything in life goes well IRL always comes first. Staff just won't be as strong without you.
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