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  1. Oh... Sorry lmao. Well hey, we have it!
  2. Scorpion

    New event map.

    Name: 212th PVT Scorpion RP Rank: Private Suggestion: It is a republic cruiser which i consider to have quite high detail. Not only is it a cruiser, it has a planet underneath it which you can access via flying down from. The planet includes: - Snowy terrain - Small outpost - Underground hangar for vehicle storage - Underground training areas - Team DeathMatch arena - Empty room for custom trainings - The Citadel has 3 AR2 turrets that can be manned by combine based NPCs if they're spawned in front of them I directly copied and pasted it from the workshop link. Implementation: This could be used for a deployment, if troopers get injured you can transport them back to the cruiser for immediate attention. Patrols will be used on the planet surface. Vehicle conveys etc. RP both on the ship and planet. Lore: It is a republic cruiser, so i guess that sums it up. Workshop content if applicable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1960606799&searchtext=republic+
  3. So, you may not know me, but... i am back and happy to be back!
  4. -1. I would prefer someone with high rank in 212th to get Cody.
  5. So, what does everyone think of Extensive? I personally think it was a great, immersive, stable map. I miss it and think it was the greatest map to this day. It would be nice to return back there, what does everyone else think?
  6. RP Name: 212th ARFL MSG Scorpion Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:423939776 VIP (Y/N): Y Age: 14 Timezone: GMT (British) Tell us why you wish to be an administrator (6 sentence minimum): I would love to represent the community as an Administrator! I love how supportive you can be and help new/current members out. When it comes to giving people whitelists, spawning droids in or in general giving advice and helping players of the community out! I would also love to be an Administrator when it comes to my battalion. Making sims, trainings and such, building props and such. I am also very dedicated and will do a fine job. Tell us a little about yourself (3 sentence minimum): Hello, my name is Harvey. I am currently doing my GCSE course right now and have typical interests in Engineering. As a individual person, I am very happy and wont get angry too easily. I love playing video games, riding out on my bike and socialising with different people! Do you have any previous staff experience? I do not have any prior staff experiences, I am willing to learn the ins and outs of a staff member, How much playtime do you have on the synergy server? (You must have a minimum of 75 hours of in-game playtime on the server to apply for new admin. Make a staff ticket in the game so that you can figure out your playtime if you think you are close) I have 329:28:16 hours on the server. Are you currently staff on a Synergy Server?: (If so specify which one) No, I am not. Thank you for reading and I would love to see feedback!
  7. Scorpion

    Thorn's Z6

    +1 , adds more lore to Shock.
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