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  1. the fattest and biggest +1 in my existance
  2. 8/10 atlex, bota, sixta, alpaca 17 moment
  3. My brother, I’m actually crying rn, imma miss u so much but I’m sending all the love to u, wishing the best for u and hope to talk soon bro. الله يجلب لك السلام والازدهار في المستقبل القريب أخي العزيز.
  4. I’d like to elaborate on my +1 a little more. Stockings is an excelente individual. To start off he has many qualities that would make him a great Regimental. Some of these qualities are how friendly he is, his profesional demeanor, and his excellent communication skills. Stockings is one of the most friendly persons I’ve ever meet, as soon as I joined the 41st he made me feel at home, whenever I have interacted with him he has always come off as a very friendly guy, I’ve even seen that sometimes there will be shy people or simply people that don’t talk too much, stockings is never afraid to start a conversation or to include people in conversations, he does not think about himself, he thinks about everyone, no one is ever left out when he is in the room. Aparato from his friendliness he is also a very profesional guy, as an XO he is sometimes tasked with important decisions in the battalion, this also applies as a liaison. Stockings always has a profesional demeanor whenever handling any issues, he is not biased and is always fair with his decisions and how they can affect others, he is extremely hard working and puts a lot of effort in the intel team and on the server as well. He is incredibly profesional and can handle any situation thrown at him. On top of this, he has great communication skills, whenever I’ve spoken to stockings or when I hear him speak to others he never comes off in a bad tone or way, he always manages to open people up and make them feel part of a family, whenever handling a problem with a trooper or anything else he always comes off in a good way, this guy can tell you bad news in a good way. Stockings is seriously a great choice for this position and seeing him and working with him tells me that he will do great. Stockings has my utter respect and I will be there for him every step of the way.
  5. 1+ i fucking love stix so much bro, this guy really pulls lots of weight and deserves this
  6. 1+ I seriously love this guy, best liason and most friendly guy on the server
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