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  1. I’ll miss you too my friend :) We need to talk soon, haven’t spoken in a minute bruh
  2. Always be my favorite DU o7 I’m sure you’ll make a great BCMD without me.
  3. Wow this is sad. I remember talking to you in the morning to night on Anaxas back when turtle played. XqcL I enjoyed my stay!
  4. its been real bro <3 We've come a long way
  5. Love you bro <3 This time I won't put you at ease. <3 Those were the best times.
  6. I love you <3 My little pogchamp <3 You know it
  7. Final Goodbye: I've come such a far way in this community, from former minge to XO of the 41st. Wow. Only took a whole year of my life but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my time here. I met so many great people and know they'll do great work on 41st and on this server but I must go. This is goodbye for now Synergy and 41st. Some Special people down below <3 Thank you @SEXICO You were the first person I ever met and who knew I'd be working along side you to the end. You CT trained me and taught me how to be a good member in this community. <3 Thank you. @Mor Kid you've come a long way. You started as a PVT who didn't know anything and just cared about promotions, now you are a CMD and do way more for this community then I ever have. You've made me proud and I expected you to take care of the 41st while me and Mexico are gone. <3 Thank you. @OJ_ You joined under me when I was ARFL and we bonded through that one event guarding brig. You know what I'm talking about. <3 Thank you. @goda man, we joined the 41st practically at the same time. We shared many trainings and learned together for so long. You became one of my closest friends on the server and I'll never forget that. I understand you wanted to do something a little more bigger then 41st and I'm happy you've found it. <3 Thank you. @meowthemeower You've done amazing work for the 41st but not only that you've helped me build Improcco into something great, I truly don't think I could have done it without you. I trust you will take care of Improcco and find someone who is worthy for the position of Gett. <3 Thank you. @Shpack I know you'll probably never see this due to you already being gone from synergy, but you were my one true Gree. The one person the held the mantle while I was learning my way around the server. <3 Thank you. @Unkindled Make me proud my friend. I expect you to take care of the 41st and make it the best around. <3 Thank you. There are many more people I would like to thank but its just too many <3 Thank you all because in some way you mattered to me during my time here.
  8. 5/5/5 (Forgot to rate earlier) <3 Very fun voice
  9. +1 Unkindled is a very good officer and I expect to see him do great things within the 41st <3
  10. 3/3/4 Late night encounters always hit different.
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