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  1. The actual exciting part starts at around 7:58, before that is pretty much just nightmare screaming his head off This is quality roleplay and none of us regretted a thing. I saved my man from being brutally interrogated. Calling us defective is nothing but slander.
  2. Egg


    This morning, I had 2 day quil liquid gels and a poke bowl with rice. Very delicious and nutritious
  3. I think that yea, they were all 100% being morons, but at the end of the day, they were not the ones who deliberately threw explosives on the ground next to a bunch of people for them to crowd around and get exploded. If they were adding more explosives to the pile, then hit them with the gamer stick too. But they weren't and here we are. Gamer has been around for quite a while and so has the don't rdm rule. He should know better than to be such a tater.
  4. Its a rule because rdm is still rdm, no matter where it is, and has been a rule for around 2 years at this point. All you ever need to type is sim start and then you're free to go. As far as this banning goes, it's always sad to see a gamer get rocked, but I believe that in this case, he did it to himself. It's really REALLY not hard to simply just NOT kill a lot of people with a deliberate explosion, and the attitude taken towards being held accountable for the actions taken shows me personally that the ban was more than deserved. If you break the rules, you get whacked and you have to face the music when you get caught. Godspeed gamer and thanks for giving me something spicy to read while at work.
  5. Lucky number 15 :) also I have first post on the forums and its still going strong
  6. Egg


    I had a cranberry bagel with butter it was real tasty
  7. Very spicy indeed. I'm going to at least defend myself because you weren't even an officer at the time of my original removal, so I understand your perspective since you probably never got the full picture. 1. I promoted people based off of the work that they did for the battalion. I heavily dislike public punishment because they are humiliating and demoralizing and usually downright unnecessary for a video game. I would always punish someone if there was actual evidence of wrongdoing. For example xeight being demoted from major after being arrested in debrief, alexz being removed from the battalion as cpt for rdming with a grenade. 2. My "best buds" leaving slurs on an old roster is honestly lost to me. If its us calling each other retarded or leaving memes on each other's notes on the roster, anything particularly vulgar was removed while I was in charge, but after I'm not in charge anymore, I seriously have no idea what you expect me to do. 3. Letting people in at specialist, also doesn't break any rules, so idk what you're trying to say by bringing it up. As bcmd, you are allowed to promote anyone to anything you want because you are in charge of the battalion. Thats how that works. People join as pvt and then you can promote them to xo if you really want to. 4. Battalion was in shambles after Hudson gutted the entire high command and resigned within the week. Yea, ill admit, things had been better and I was burned out, but shambles I don't really know and I've admitted to that already. Lastly, in regards to us not liking each other, I dont care about you as a person necessarily, but its how you use your words and your attitude that I don't appreciate. I try to give you the benefit of the doubt as to you being a better person and try to put my thoughts forward and not be hostile, but you come at me cussing and very hostile trying to dredge up old stuff about me for no reason at all. Tying it back to the original thread. Everyone should be able to have a voice on big reports. It is on the person submitting said report to bring enough proof forward to convince others that a removal or punishment should take place. My thought process is, if the whole community is allowed to vote on the applications, everyone should be allowed to vote on the reports.
  8. I dont understand your meaning by this my lad. I'm always down for a good old discussion. Every single thing that I got on this server I worked hard for, so don't you DARE claim favoritism unless you want to provide evidence for your entirely baseless accusation. Also, I dont appreciate your hostility, and no, I will not "get off your post."
  9. I like my toxicity raw thank you very much. Helps to build up a resistance for when you cant get to your mask in time
  10. Lastly, you keep making these "brave" forum posts trying to "discuss" things you don't agree with for the reason of "these things are like this just because its how it always is!" Things are set up like this so we don't turn into the thing we left behind when this server was created. This server and community was built on the idea that everyone deserves a voice. Yes, some people use that voice to be a retard and spew nonsense or just try and get attention. The things you're trying to say and argue and point out, honestly make no sense to me as to why. Maybe you're just vying for attention on the forums or you're just trying to change the server for the better one forum post at a time, I have no idea, but because of how this server was set up you deserve that voice and I support your use of it. But remember, you got beaned for being ultra sped on the forums trying to be "brave" and "controversial" to "expose the flaws of the system". Good luck with your discussion attempts though.
  11. This is just objectively untrue. You just have to care enough to actually go through the proper channels and talk to someone. It's the same thing with permanent blacklists. If you took a step back and actually think about what you're going on about then you'd understand how its all set up and why its set up that way. I dont like public commander or staff reports as much as the next guy,, but sometimes its just what you have to do as a last resort to deal with a situation. Thats why most reports don't go anywhere because people use them as a first resort and don't understand why they exist. Idk why you're making another one of these posts because you're just pointing out something that everyone already knows. When ACTUAL reports with real evidence and stuff comes out, yea, its real spicy, but the votes that come out generally come with evidence and personal experiences, which is very important. Useless votes are always not counted, thats how it always has been. This really doesn't seem to be a discussion at all tbh because everyone is saying essentially the same thing and I agree with it. Things that effect many people should have community feedback. And having outside, unbiased opinions on topics are also very very important to actually making effective changes.
  12. solid 7.5-8/10. Enjoyable event with a lot of npcs, vehicles, and shooting. There was quite a bit of player choice in how to go about completing the final objective, and despite you crashing at the end, it unfolded very well and I had a great time running around as a medic. Keep up the great work Chumboi
  13. Ya really hate to see it... godspeed out there fellow gamer. We shall hold down the engine room for you. Stay safe out there my good lad
  14. Depends entirely on what you're doing with all those hours. If you're pushing 60 to 70 hours and are say, bcmd and also jedi, and only really do stuff on the jedi, you're an inactive bcmd. Honestly, 30 to 40 active hours for a bcmd is plenty. Activity is not about hours, its about time management which is what people don't understand.
  15. Egg

    just listen to me

    I'll give it a solid 7.5/10 Very enjoyable event overall and despite all the confusion in the beginning with scrambling people to a LAAT and then trying to get everyone in the same TS channel, it was a lot of fun to lead everyone through especially for a late night event. Thank you, and well done. Keep it up gamer
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