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  1. Can't believe I missed it... Gl out there aussie gamer. Thanks for the memeries its been real.
  2. It seems that you miss the community and the people in it because you are insufferable and don't have anybody to move on to because nobody wants to be around you. You provided evidence to this yourself by "trolling" and spamming porn in places where literal children are, which is honestly the worst part. I know it can be brutal but this apology is half baked and you should stay gone. There is no place for you here in this community. -1 stay gone.
  3. Egg


    I had a four very tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a drinkable yogurt. They were all delicious.
  4. I am going to put my two sense in here because I received a ping and I may have some experience here. The battalion voices and votes are to get you through the application process. That is where their voices are heard and that is where they can help you to convince others to support you and your visions and ideas for the future of the battalion. The High Command gamers have a vote on entirely different criteria than just liking you, such as how most of the battalion votes. Additionally, there would need to be some sort of battalion representative in the high command voting chats to ensure things go smoothly and are voiced properly. Secondly, the subject of the voting is also primarily on your interview and how you're able to handle and prepare for that, which is supposed to be a pretty protected process. Basically what I am trying to say is that the reasons only high command votes are because they are promoting you to a leadership and role model position for a large part of the server and a rank with power and pull around the server, battalion, and forums, so the promotion effects much more than just that one battalion whose votes are being tallied. High command may act like a bunch of apes sometimes, but generally they're able to handle themselves pretty well and think pretty objectively. I know that's a lot of words and most people are probably not gonna read them, so I will give a TLDR: Battalion votes and support are for getting you through the application process and to the interview. After the apps, it's all on you to convince high command in the interview and actions in game and as a leader to prove that you're not going to be out there eating glue and licking windows.
  5. Egg


    I had a delicious helping of pop tart. Thank you all for reading. What did everyone else have?
  6. Overall, it's a pretty understandable changes that will in the long run probably be for the best with a minor tweak here and there after everyone adjusts. XO was cringe, always was, and always will be, and that's a hill that I will die on. Anyways, good luck everybody, and an obligatory before things get real autistically spicy. On another note, I will be chilling out eating my popcorn and may God be with you to those moderating this thread.
  7. Egg


    As many may have seen in previous posts, I have maintained a steady diet over the years. This should be evident when I say that I once again had pop tarts for breakfast. Anyways, Have a good rest of your evening friends.
  8. Egg


    This morning, I had some cinnamon roll french toast. I feel robbed that I didn't know it existed sooner.
  9. Bummer. Good luck out there fellow gamer and thanks for trying your best.
  10. Egg


    This morning I had a very tasty bowl of Honey Nut cheerios. Its probably one of my favorite cereals. How about everyone else?
  11. I know at this point I am just a spooky ghost lurker and my words may not mean much, but, I have known Unkindled for his entire SWRP career on Synergy, and I have watched him grow from a cringe retard, who came to minge and RDM without a care about the server, to a mature and competent person and leader. Unkindled is one of the most dedicated and hard working people that I know and I am proud that he is finally making this run for Gree. He has been through nearly every single one of the battalions highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. He knows how great things can be and how bad things can get. He knows how to keep a level head and achieve the goals he sets for himself and I think that is something that every BCMD needs to have to keep not only themselves motivated, but the battalion as a whole as well. Anyway, enough rambling. I believe this man here will do a good job and leave the battalion in a better spot than when he takes over. Good luck out there brother. +1
  12. Egg


    Well, the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same my brother Jalapeno beef sticks also sound pretty darn tasty actually
  13. Egg


    This morning, I had a bowl of froot loops and a blueberry poptart, very delicious, but maybe not all too nutritious. What did you all have?
  14. I am sorry for the loss of your innocence. May it rest in as few pieces as possible.
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