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Clutch's Staff Resignation[COMPLETE]

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Name: Clutch

Staff Rank: VA

Are you VIP?: Yes and Sub

Date: 3/29/2024

Reason for leaving: In my 435 days as staff and 278 days as VA I've never experienced burn out like I have in the past 3 weeks. I get on the server and instantly want to get off to avoid doing staff work. I figured taking an LOA for a week would help but it just made me want to resign the more time I took off. My main push during my VA time was pushing to HA and with Kaiser taking the last spot and seeing the current HA team they aren't going anywhere and I don't have another 9 months in me to give it my all. It isn't fair to my battalion to continue with staff because staff is only killing my drive to continue playing. Any time I get in teamspeak and get a message like "hey can you help with an event" or "can you do my staff interview?" it kills my entire mood and like I said it's not fair to my battalion. I'm sure I'll be back to staff eventually just not right now.

Farewells: I'm not leaving the server so I have no need for goodbyes, but thank you to everyone that helped me get to this point and to my peers for working along side me.

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 Kaiser                 Zeros                    Clutch

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o7. Big loss for the staff team. Shafted. 

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Longest Special Operations Member on the server.
 Current: Jedi Chief Instructor l Alpha 98 Nate
Former: Cin Drallig l First Yayax Squad Yover l Foxtrot Commando l 2nd GM BCMD Bacara l Serra Keto Final SO Commander Jet l First & Last Devil Dogs Deadeye l Veteran Admin l Jedi General Plo Koon l 2nd Returning SO CMD Jet l Luminara Unduli l Wolfpack MAJ Boost l Kit Fisto l Trauma's Unit MED Mystic l Jedi Military Advisor l Omega 36 PVT Darman l High General Shaak Ti

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Veteran Admin

Oh man, after our little chat I was hoping not to see this <3 At the end of the day its about happiness and I hope you find it <3

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Currently: CG TKO CPT Moose / Gume Saam

OG ranks - SO CMD Moose and First ever CPT Taggart  - The best Walon Vau - 212th Longshot -212th Boil

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Head Admin

Your resignation has been LOGGED.

Thank you for your service to the Staff Team.


Current: Head Admin | Specialized Regimental Commander

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  • Director

o7 Great, staff member! Hope to see you back in the team one day! 

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Veteran Admin

Sad to see you leave man you were a great staff member and a even better VA

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Head Admin

o7 shoulda been both of us 

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                                                                                                             Kaiser        Zeros        Clutch



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VA for almost a year that is dedication 

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Current: Rancor Colt
Past spots: 501st XO, 501st CMD, 501st WO Appo, TC Hardcase, 332nd office, ATK Reg Purge, Keller Unit Vinnie, General Luminara, 41st GCO ARCL Draa, 3rd Crosshair on the Server, Hunter, Sith Marauder  TRO, GMM, VA x3. CIS Tac Droid, Guild Cabinet Member

The person who made a treaty with the sith as a clone 

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Veteran Admin

You are awesome dude, one of the best VAs, thank you for all your help man

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Current: 501st Commander | TC Kano | Veteran Admin | Game Master Manager | Quest Master
Former: 332nd Company Commander Vaughn (x2) | Torrent Company Commander Appo 501st Regimental Advisor 332nd Officer Vyse (x3) TC Officer Kano TC Officer Tup TC Dogma

im also batman

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  • Management


Appreciate all the hard work and time you've put into the staff team and into the server. Your presence in High Staff will be missed for sure. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts!

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i am literally captain tukk

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