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Since The Maddox Incident wiped out like 99% of the funny shit ive posted, im just gonna repub all of my best shi onto here

posting them under a spoiler cuz its a shit ton of embeds


The Holy Trinity


my finest work by far:


the one that started it all..


this ones prolly less known but one of my personal favorites




Other shitposts/funny shit ive made over the years that are worthy of putting here











when i joined 41st for like 3 hours


sum old pics i found that were funny







this was from one of the million 21st wipes that i doubt people remember









ill prolly add to this if i find any more shit


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26 minutes ago, Whataburger said:

not a single person asked, shut up.

i asked though. several times

Gave me a good late night chuckle. thanks Taz

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