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Battle in the Snow

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Name: Snadvich

Who helped (If applicable): Fyi, Crimson, Naffen

Event/Encounter Name: Battle in the Snow

Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Pretty much just Reach but with the Combine instead


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9/10 Enjoyed a lot of the combat and still gave us room to do different RPs (interacting with locals, various tech and eng, interacting with boxes to get weapons/supplies). Liked the part where I got left behind to die too. Survived thanks to my blast resistant kama.

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It was a fun oriented event first one for me in a long time. Enjoyed the RP in the beginning and it had a nice mixture of action and rp through middle to the end the spawning wasnt so bad either good work over all. 7/10

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Does Snad ever miss???


I was going into this event hyped that it was something unique in the sense of no comms and we had to interact with the world to really do anything and progress further into the event.  The Map choice is stellar, one of my favorites for sure.  The use of the fog effect to make the snow was nice and immersed you in the sense of being in the storm a bit.  I really liked that it wasn't a CIS kind of fight for once, but I wish I got to stick around a lot longer than I could've!  I was really enjoying the event!

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