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  1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79667671 RP Name: Jovanovic Battalion: Senate Who is in command until you return?: @Willyworm1@Deku Length of Absence: 4 days Moving friday, willy be busy preparing for that and settling in
  2. after hours really be bussin. when the entire server unites to execute 2 annoying tusken raiders the server has never been more united
  3. Jovanovic


    8/10 Wasnt even there but the debrief was great. may or may not have been present at my computer for the debrief but still
  4. Absolutely. I intend to go for GM myself, and be able to deploy or at least run some things for attack battalions. A great tool in this will be the large amount of SAs and GMs in the 212th for the deployment and event side of things. I've already spoken to Bacta about this privately and he's said he's willing to do this for his events. Communicating with the GM team will be vital to make sure no feathers are ruffled and that the subunit will actually be compatible with events. While I'd absolutely love to deploy a subunit with every deployment, the GMs vision for their event will always be first priority. So to answer your last question as succinctly as I can; I intend to actually order the deployment of the sub-unit myself rather than through the GM team, but WILL NOT do so unless I've already spoken to the GM running the deployment to make sure it will fit within the deployment. I see a worst case scenario most of the time just asking the visiting sub-unit to hop on the whitelist of the host battalion. IE TC getting on a 104th whitelist to make sure it still makes sense in context of the event.
  5. Thanks for your insight. But just to be clear I do want to reiterate my point: Trainings and entertainments happen relatively often, but less than ideal. I've spoken with 212th HC and this was one of their main concerns. I'm referring to inviting other attack battalions along for deployments, which happens rarely. Engaging the 212th with other battalions and getting it so more trainings and entertainments happen throughout the day are two main goals, encouraging trainings in this way accomplishes both.
  6. Thanks for asking! So in order 1. As for higher relations and a higher opinion of each other, you can see my plans for that in the 'how do you intend to improve relations' section. 2. For running trainings and events with each other, attack does this rarely. Generally all battalions do this rarely, as if you're hanging out and in a TS with your own battalion you'll naturally just include your own battalion in entertainments. The first point will help with this one, as well as personally speaking to the high commands and senior officers and reiterating how mutually beneficial it is to include each other in trainings. I also intend to run as part of battalions for my term, meaning every 3rd day I'll be running with 212th, or 501st, or 104th. This means I can personally suggest inviting along other battalions more often, building it up as a habit rather than something forced or imposed. 3. If I get the position of attack reg my position as Mas Amedda will be stripped. I've already handled thing senate side and prepared a replacement
  7. Jovanovic


    8/10. Thanks for the deployment, some nice low health droids and generally interactive encounters
  8. +1, lets go fam. Looking forward to having you as a gm
  9. Steam Name: Curious Beats RP Name: Jovanovic RP Rank: Vice Chancellor Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79667671 Regiment you are applying for: Attack Experience: Consular Lead: February 2021 - May 2021 Eeth Koth: February 2021 - July 2021 41st WO: February 2021 212th, DU, and Rancor SNCO Senior Senator: April 2021 - May 2021 Mas Amedda: May 2021 - Present 212th 2ndACS SGM: June 2021 - Present 104th High Command/Jedi Lead/ITD: May 2021 - Present Why should you become a Regimental Commander?: I should become the regimental commander because I have a good philosophy when it comes to leadership for a regimental commander, being generally more prodding, hands off, and delegating, but being able to be more involved or directly take action if it’s absolutely required. I’ve proven my past ability to revive groups with Jedi consular and the senate, and I have prior experience within high command which will allow me to more easily work within its systems as well as interact with other members of it. Do you understand the lore of your regiment?: Yes Availability: Currently about 3pm - 2am EST through DMs and TS, can get on if needed. In game about 6 hours a day (Early evening - late night). Give a brief overview of your achievements on the server: Longstanding Jedi lore character Jedi Consular Lead Jedi Officer for more than half a year Being 104th High Command as Jedi Lead Helped the Jedi order with roster systems Revived the senate (along with the other senators) 2nd ACS 104th ITD Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want your regiment to be at the end of your term?: 104th: I want the 104th to be in a solid position as a third, stable attack battalion. This means they have a solid group of new people coming in, a solid group of NCOs and junior officers to run trainings, keep them entertained, and keep them in line, and a solid group of senior members with leadership capability to keep everything running. I want to be actively involved in battalion affairs, helping the BCMD with any choices they’re making which may involve their high command, and have stayed up to date with all of the members of 104th. Though it’s important to recognize that the 104th will likely never be the most active of attack battalions if only due to the disadvantage in name recognition, getting it to a stable and altogether healthy position would go great lengths for the attack regiment as a whole. 212th: I want the 212th to be more engaged, with a high quality standard for officers and a group of motivated and dedicated NCOs who run more trainings and entertainments. I want it to be more interactive with other battalions and be invited to sims or patrols run by those battalions, in the same vein inviting other battalions to their sims as well. This will help greatly with stimulation and keeping their members active and something going on, (though, I cannot wave my hand and make the server perpetually entertaining). I will have remained connected with the layman of the battalion, but entirely worked through their high command to get results unless an extenuating circumstance provides me ample reason not to. 501st: I want the 501st to have a more steady and consistent flow of activity, engaging with other battalions in the way that 212th also does. I also want them to have a rededicated NCO corps which is entirely motivated to host entertainments, events, and trainings. I want a solid base of high command with a clear selection of future leaders and no lack of upcoming talent. I’ll have gotten to know many 501st high command members better, been in touch with 501st troopers, but worked entirely through the 501st high command without stepping in personally, if possible. The Attack Regiment: The attack regiment as a whole will be far more involved with each other if even through sims, trainings, and patrols. Relations will be much higher between them, and the battalion troopers and high command will have a much higher opinion of the average member of other battalions. Engagement overall will have been raised because of attack battalions including each other in entertainments and where possible in trainings. I don’t have any idealistic goals of ‘one big happy family’, or ‘everyone seeing each other as one battalion’ as I consider myself a realist. However I intend that they will have a substantially higher opinion of each other by the end of my term. How do you plan to improve relations within your regiment?: One thing I can do as regimental commander to improve relations is to deploy subunits of one battalion alongside other battalions. An example of this would be deploying Wolfpack as a part of the 212th. This would be different than simply deploying the 212th and 104th together or doing a joint training, as the wolfpack (or any other sub-unit) would act as a part of the 212th and their command structure, being forced to work with them and form relations, and being in their teamspeak channel. This would happen almost every deployment. It also allows sub-units to show off their coordination and professionalism in front of other battalions, and even provides the benefit of making it so that joining a sub-unit will get you deployed more. Encouraging that attack comms be used more often can also help, even if to some small extent, strengthen relations between battalions. Simply sitting in the channel myself and hosting a very small patrol or training can get people floating in and out of the channel for the rest of the day, sparking relationships between the lower members and future members of the battalions, and even some of the more senior officers. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your regimental commander rank?: Yes
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