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  1. Host: Jovanovic Storyboard: Jovanovic, Dono, Jagger Builders: Jovanovic, Dono, Eagle Spawners/helpers: Whataburger, Eagle, Zen, Dono, Jovanovic, Day EJs: Jagger The doc for the 0 people who care
  2. see i actually agreed with this completely, and was genuinely slightly upset myself until they mentioned that your own tag doesnt count for the total. Your $100 lets you go above the tag limit, and i dont think most people will have 5 tags anyway so most of your friends/people you want to have it can have your tag anyway woeny big guy you're a real one, and i genuinely get more response from messaging you than i do... pretty much anyone else in synergy leadership asking them to do stuff, but there's definitely a lot of people that will suddenly be afk as soon as you ask them to do something for you. Askin people to report them is, while seemingly reasonable, still not super feasible. What am i gonna do, submit a report that "hey, i asked this person to gimme tags and they didnt respond.", you ask them about it "oh, i stepped out for a minute", "oh, sorry, i didn't see that", or any of the 1.2 billion other reasons. And realistically, theyre telling the truth a good amount of the time. Not really gonna accomplish anything with a report for something that small or all anyone would be doing in synergy is sitting there reporting people. That bein said still feel this isnt an issue, im glad the change came cause people dont complain every time i join a channel anymore, just throwin my 2 cents in.
  3. Bleach mentioned Sabaton which is great, Casey Lee Williams is pretty unknown but actually goated (especially her covers/stuff she doesnt do for a specific show), and I've been listening to Avenged sevenfold on/off for about 12 years, still rockin it periodically. If you're interested in EDM or party music Krewella is a band I go back to every year or so as well, they have some really good stuff it just gets old. Getting drunk and running the media player for @Daytona211a week ago has now caused me to go on a spree of listening to more instrumental/epic feeling and high paced music and makin a playlist for events. Obvious mentions are some star wars and halo themes, but there's def a lot more. I havent watched any new anime since middleschool, but the few i did watch with my older brother back then have some fucking goated soundtracks that I'm definitely gonna be using for deployments. SAO and Code Geass for instance have some genuinely amazing songs for that sorta thing. Also in that same genre Nightwish/Globus/Within Temptation instrumentals are really nice for an 'epic' vibe. And of course, two steps from hell is the king of the whole epic music scene. For the one and a half people interested this is my entire deployment mix rn, this is a really new playlist and i havent had too much time to work on it so some might not match the vibe as much but theyre all great songs. Imma start showin up to deployments just to ask if i can use the mediaplayer ngl.
  4. Name: Jova Staff Rank: SA SteamID: STEAM_0:1:79667671 Length of LOA (Please specify date if possible): 7 days If you need me dm me, ill still be answering dms and will be able to get on ts periodically
  5. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79667671 RP Name: Jovanovic Battalion: HC Who is in command until you return?: batt BCMDs Length of Absence: 7 days If you need me dm me, ill still be answering dms and will be able to get on ts periodically
  6. Host: Jovanovic Spawners: Babatunde Description - Rancor was sent to investigate a disturbance in underground activity, finding more than they bargained for.
  7. conrad threatened to remove me if i didnt 10/10
  8. Name - Jovanovic Helper - Whataburger, Dono, Eagle, Day, Glass Description - Each specialized battalion was deployed to a small island and given crypic objectives, unbeknownst as to the other events occurring in the facility. Document
  9. I agree for dbs and such, maybe a 2nd version tho that'd be a bit wasteful for space. But for events i think the buildup adds a nice touch. Either way i think it'd be a good addition but i like the intro personally
  10. Name: Jovanovic RP Rank: Regimental Suggestion: Add the Galactic Republic's anthem to the server as a Music Disc. Implementation: Turn the link below into a music disc. Temple march is similar-ish, but below is an (imo) superior edit of it for events and such. Lore: nah lol Workshop content if applicable: Require Development (If no workshop content, suggest a developer or put "Require Development") (thanks @Stockingsfor the reminder some goated SW songs exist and the free template steal)
  11. 8/10, enjoyable just bein a dude and not bein an individual, wasnt super immersive or anything but it was a nice vibe and some decent interactions.
  12. Damn bruh, you did absolutely great with 104th, pleasure havin ya in my regiment. I'm assumin I know where you're goin now, but regardless good shit with 104th Brook, you left it in a good place.
  13. Name: Jovanovic Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): The recon regiment is sent to geo to investigate a downed acclimator, where they get more than they bargain for Helpers: Jagger and Bacta <3 Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: No
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