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    9/10, very enjoyable event
  2. 9/10 highly enjoyed this event, good player choice, simple but interesting story which was easy to follow
  3. 9/10 shpacks events are a treat
  4. +1 Hes got the experience and hes a good man
  5. +1 hes already admiral in my eyes
  6. +1 very dedicated guy who can easily get the job done
  7. o7 Reee, imma miss ya buddy :(
  8. 9/10 it was fun ngl, i was just a little confused at times due to TS, the music playing, and intercoms but i know thats mostly out of your control
  9. 10/10, i know yesterday i rated your event a 10/10 but holy shit this was amazing, a cinematic masterpiece, everything was amazing im still awestruck, unironic dream team of GM's
  10. 10/10 i dont think ill ever forget this event, very atmospheric, very cinematic, very enjoyable, words cant put in how much fun i had unironically
  11. 10/10 That was actually a blast thank you for letting me play
  12. +1, the Michael bay of synergy late night events
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