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  1. -1 just be good medic and check up on people. stop being lazy ezpz.
  2. +1 Increase by 1 or up to a max of 5. However, 5 may even be too many. It should be taken into account that the more syringes you have on your person, for balancing the bacta kit heal rate may more may not need to be balanced to accommodate this change (meaning a decrease in this instance). I'd honestly prefer if medics did some "Medical RP" to make some more for themselves rather than increase their spawn amount permanently. You know put a little extra effort in.
  3. Hi there, this event/entertainment/giving people at 6am who are active something to do at 6am, for the three people who were active (one including yourself). The CG accidentally teamkilled and destroyed your tac. I suggested if you have a problem you should report them to the commanding officer if you have an issue with how they are misusing their rockets. You also could have requested an ROAS but chose not too. Friendly fire does happen at times and is unfortunate occurrence that happens. The situation would be 100% different if he was going around and purposely targeting you or your tactical insertion (I.E RDMing). Instead you walked in front of him while he was engaging enemies. Accidents do happen. This post leaves out context that tacs were also placed very, very close to the combat where antlion and antlion guards were pushing you and basically on your tacs. If you are placing your tactical insertions in bad locations then this may happen. Players shouldn't be punished for honest mistakes, especially during downtime. https://gyazo.com/c8eaf5ecca6d343fd795d325232bf96e
  4. Dennis, you gave me the worst first impression on the server, ever. That being said, you most definitely have changed imo. I may disagree with you on stuff on the server and how you run things but we can be civil about it. But people hold grudges from things that happen over a year ago, which may or may not be coming out in some posts here. I think Jay was on the right path with DU and I hope you plan on continuing it and not return to old ways. I don't think it is fair to throw the failure of CIS at your feet alone as it was the community who also failed to show interest. I wish you luck with DU and I hope you do a good job. Please don't make me regret supporting you. +1
  5. -1 Essentially this would be dumbing down the uniqueness of this weapon in the lmg category and among other weapons. If you want something more heavy hitting in that category there is the option of the m-45.
  6. +1 I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and hope you bring good things to the order.
  7. +1 You have good intentions and are willing to learn. I think you would be beneficial to the staff team.
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