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  1. Dog you just got unbannded for Ddos Threats and now you tell someone to kill them self like come on man
  2. i asked to join on my ALT
  3. Dam your rushed but i will add you on both of my accounts
  4. Question:Can i sell one of my doirds or will i lose both of them Comments/Concerns: i dont want to lose both of my doirds. I have won 2 of the doird giveaways i would like to give my other one to my firend or just sell it and us the money to buy perm weapones Staff Member you're asking: Founders/Devs Additional info: Garry's Mod (x64) (gyazo.com)
  5. +1 Loved you old events and When we were in the 212th
  6. L Skill issue cant balance school ang Gmod :)
  7. Going to have to be a -1 for me dose not look like it is need Also i dont think the modles would max well with DU agree with alot of what marvel said And i think you are taking what people say way to personal.
  8. Good Bye man it was Fun being your TRO
  9. Ippo


    my was befor his you can see chat logs crosshair (gyazo.com)
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