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  1. Cronis as Wolffe??? +1 Now all we need is stormzy to do another yoda term and it will be like 2020 again
  2. Just remove them regardless of server pop sorry if I’m being pretty blunt here but DU was always inconsistent with members/ activity and for the future I don’t see a reason to keep DU if this is just gonna happen again down the road. If anything we have 2 options 1. Remove du entirely and keep what we have now and 2. Once we get pop up replace them with another battalion and see how that works.
  3. Ok so ive been thinking alot about the server recently and have been wondering what we can do with our numbers as a whole (Which have already been decent but ive seen better on here.) We need something extravagant, something different, something special! Which is why I want to bring to your attention of battalions. No im not saying add more battalions but replace them with new or bring back old ones. The main ones im thinking of are the 91st and 327th. These battalions had some pretty good activity from what ive been told about them. But who would we take out to add these in you say? easy 41st and DU. My reasons for this are for the 41st it will kind of give everyone in the battalion brand new palate to go off of and its just nice for a change to have a sort of new reconnaissance batt. Secondly replacing 327th with DU is simple. Im sorry to say this blatantly but DU is inactive as fuck. Think about it. The last time ive seen DU actually like ACTIVE ACTIVE was when Dennis was XO and Brimstone. but thats just me sure DU has had some good times but it usually dies down very quickly. Again please dont like dumb this or anything PUT ACTUAL INPUT. It will help me understand if this has been looked at before or reasons why this shouldnt happen. Im only putting this out there right now due to the activity of 41st and DU. 41st does have some more members now but for me i kinda miss 91st as it was pretty cool. THANKS for looking at this im looking forward to hearing everyones feedback!
  4. Ryzen 9 5950x RTX 3080TI 32 gig Corsair 3800 MGHZ 2x Samsung Evo M.2 NVME 1TB Hard drives 1x Samsung Evo 1TB SSD Hard Drive 1500-watt Power Supply (Forgot Brand) Lian Li O11 DXL (White) Asus ROG Liquid CPU Cooler (White) 9x Lian LI x360mm fans (White)
  5. o7 bro Hope everything works out for you If i had it I would help Whats your discord ID
  6. +1 Huge things gonna happen for you
  7. RP Name: 41st IC CSM Tenn Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106026873 VIP (Y/N): Yes Age: 20 Timezone: EST What was your previous staff rank?: Senior Admin Are you currently staff on a different server?: no Why did you leave the staff team?: Left the server as a whole a while back. But now im here for a while now! Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): I Want to do more for the server now that i am back here for some time. I want to get back here almost full time and progress through the staff team as it is one of my goals for the server to reach at least Veteran Admin. In general, I would like to help out again and be there for the community as part of the staff team. My main reason for rejoining the staff team is to help me progress in the community and become more known on the server as someone who is there for them when the need it whether as a normal trooper or a staff member. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): My time back then went pretty well from what I can remember it was a lot of fun. It was very different back then, but it was still enjoyable to be able to help the people I see on here every day. Never had any issues on the staff side of things so I was pretty content with my position at that time. Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes I also want to put down here that i was staff a few times i believe 3 times total 1st time it was NA to A, 2nd Time was NA - SA 3rd time was just admin. I put SA because thats my highest rank i was before the change in staff if you want to have me as admin, I am open to it but would prefer i could stay SA. Reason I was only admin the 3rd time was because before if you reapplied for staff, you went down a rank from whatever you were before. Just wanted to put this out there in case any issues occur.
  8. oh God naffen as a CMD? +1
  9. o7 Love you maddoxx come back pleases one day
  10. Huge +1 41st recently had a meeting and from what hes implementing is definitely for the better GL man
  11. Thankyou for everything you did I appreciate the new map the good times we all had with you im upset I still never got my smooch but I hope life gives you the best it possibly can! Thankyou Honey Bunny! <3
  12. +1 Would make a fine addition to the SOBDE

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