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  1. i feel like i remember this being the original system for game masters but at some point it remained being staff only
  2. hello @Fizzik, haven't seen movie but saying hello, i do work at a movie theater though so somewhat relevant
  3. when was there a 21st? i only remember galactic marines, been gone for a hot minute but didn't even know that happened they're basically the same thing
  4. Bolt

    bolt update

    you'd only understand if you're from 2016-2018 icefuse/synergy but i finally got that cruise girlfriend i'd sometimes talk about trying to get on the cruises we made out in the elevator and stuff pretty cool experience
  5. Bolt


    i'm 17 now, and yeah my voice is no longer what it once was
  6. Bolt


    today is my birthday, happy birthday to me
  7. I've been around for a while some may say
  8. Haven't been active on the server for almost maybe 9-10 months but it's about my 5 year (and an extra 1-2 months) anniversary since I first played on icefuse and its also about the 4 year anniversary for synergy too around this time so happy anniversary to all.
  9. been 5 years since i first started playing swrp and i just today got cs source since i'd been too lazy in the past to download it
  10. To be fair, we just gave over our stuff to the 41st, such as rights to speeders and stuff, when we shutdown both times. They're sort of green/gray 91st in a way.
  11. -1 i am homophobic

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