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  1. Aren't those two events the same?
  2. 4 | 3 | 5 Not really fun when an event job has to spawn in himself a rocket launcher to deal with 1-2 troopers
  3. RP Name: 21st Jet | Kurt | Bartender Eldritch Gray | Sith Apprentice Elly Steam ID32: STEAM_0:1:56438639 VIP (Y/N): Yes Age: 29 Timezone: PST What was your previous staff rank?: VA Are you currently staff on a different server?: No Why did you leave the staff team?: Life caught up with me, I was getting married and working more hours. Why do you want to rejoin the staff team? (3 sentence minimum): I would like to rejoin to help around the server more during the late night hours, as my insomnia keeps me up way too late. To also assist players with needs or questions they may have on the server side. And lastly, support the GM team or TR team, if that's still around, where ever it needs more support. I have the experience to keep the server flowing from 100+ pop to late night hours. How do you feel your previous time as a staff member went? (3 sentence minimum): It's been awhile since I was staff but it was a good time. I had one, if not the most, encounters in one day record of 17 back on Endor and did quite a bit on Anaxes. I was able to achieve the rank of both GMO and TRO at my peak, while still working on my trooper and Base ops at the time. Do you understand by re-applying to get your previous rank back that you will be tested on your knowledge of the server rules and practices?: Yes
  4. 5 | 5 | 1 server crashed
  5. #removeARKserver #bringbackMilitaryRP Jokes aside, I personally don't think I'll ever play ARK due to how big the game is and how it can just chug my computer. It seems like a fun game but not for me.
  6. Kurt

    CIS vs Mercs

    5 | 5 | 5
  7. Kurt

    Tyler GM App

    This app is a little small for my taste however I do like the ideas you bring to the table. +1
  8. +1 Seems like a cool dude
  9. Before voting, I want to ask, have you been able to solve or work around a lot of issues that were brought up in your previous Yoda Application? A lot of folks were saying that there was a lot of miscommunication or lack of communication with your Masters, including Mace, and others stating you were being Biased or having favoritism towards others. I don't normally play on my Jedi so I'm trying to look at this from the outside looking in.
  10. 4 | 4 | 3 Too many droids that lagged up the server. Next time do them in waves or something that doesn't kill the server
  11. 5 | 5 | 5 I was there in the tank
  12. 5 | 5 | 1 Rakghoul swep still breaks my game can we stop
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