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Office of HC 1/22


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Marshal: Bacta

Apologies for the small delay in this, I will explain alot more but i had to kick it down with Xaze announcement with SO/Null and knew no one was gonna pay attention to it


With my Arrival to Marshal I can safely say i came with guns blazing, this past 2 weeks of me being in the position has been nonstop meetings/discussion it has been a absolute fantastic time but it got me exhausted, wanted to give everyone a heads up that i will be gone from 1/28-2/6 or so, moving and going to new university will put me in a lot, if you anything big you want to speak to me know its important you do it now.


Coming into this position  we really wanted to increase standards, part of this is to think more critically with applications "Do they need to be in the position?" "What can we do to make this subunit/battalion more fun" all of these questions and more have been asked alot, and its been alot. We want to put more emphasis on applications and want to make sure positions are held to a higher standard, with this we want to make sure people are being properly respected onto the server, a meeting was hosted to talk about speaking to other factions and how we want to increase RP Interactions, i can safely say that has been achieved in a good way so Im proud we are making steps.


I asked all my REG to put some of their goals and what they want to achieve, with my becoming marshal i wanted to have a fresh slate with our REG to ensure we have full transparency. 

MECH Zeroes


My personal goals are just to foster roleplay and instructiveness in my battalions to make the server more enjoyable for everybody. I’m really just trying to keep Mechanized stable and a fun environment while maintaining the trainings that each battalion hosts. It’s been in my list to get weekly joint trainings going with all three battalions in Mechanized which our first one is currently being scheduled, which should help with battalion relations and giving everyone something to be doing instead of just waiting for an event to happen. I’m trying to make Mechanized something more than ATK but with tanks, such as honing in on our ENG side on things or 41st’s Recon.


ATK Finn

Attack Reg be doin ok. DU still locked, 212th is doing good, 501st is in a bit of a rut, but they're super dedicated. My goals are to get 501st numbers back up, make sure 212th and 501st continue their good relationship, and try to help them both keep activity in their subunits If I can get more events/patrols snuck in too that'd be dope


Overall my major concerns stem from roleplay and and reestablishing the “Shine” around the specialized regiment. I am currently working from several angles to improve roleplay within SPEC. In accordance with the new push for “More serious roleplay”, SPEC is making strides towards contributing to that goal. In CG, this means the further enforcement of behavioral and roleplay rules. This heavily includes restoring respect for Jedi. In Rancor, we’re working towards making ARC a special part of the server again. I am pushing for heavy cooperation between CG and Rancor to enforce ARC standards. ARC, in my eyes, is a Server leadership position. It’s not about passing the trainings, it’s about committing yourself to actively improving roleplay on the server. Your roleplay, and yes even your “/MEs”, should be far more in depth than the average trooper. We don’t want to dictate HOW you roleplay, only that you do. To accommodate this increase in expectations, I have assembled a little comms RP guide for enhancing your roleplay. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s4qhPEQkvcVmiAvhZJ0KnwLKoAyUskwYrOjpODgbAYo/edit?usp=sharing I am attempting to refashion SPEC along  three guidelines: Security, Information, secrecy. I try to follow this in game. I don’t want anyone to fee excluded, so going on into the future I will try to pair Non-spec battalions with Spec battalions in operations going forward. Just be aware, these operations may be more than they seem, and SPEC will protect their informational security at all costs. Finally, this is about approaching me in game. If you bring me some sort of interesting intel after an event, I WILL FOLLOW UP ON IT. SPEC is currently engaged in a storyline based totally on a summary of a battle General Mundi brought to me on a whim. I ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THE SAME. Doing so might get you a little follow up event or encounter, or it might set you on a multi-mission adventure. You won’t know until you find out!



So safe to say a lot has been cooking so I'm hyped. Currently here is on my agenda right now

-Trainings (Currently going through every battalion and making sure they have a engaging trainings, more will be released and talked about so check your discords soon! A CMD Vote is up so were excited to see how your CMDs vote!)

-Null/DU (Im always scared when it comes to this type of stuff, we wanna make sure mistakes will not be repeated so its been a bit stressful trying to make sure these things will come into fruition, all i have to say right now is that were working on some ideas, but its not gonna be on the top of my priotory list right now, I want to focus on the now instead of hyping myself up

-Standards (As our population continues to grow and grow, we do not need to take risks/move people to positions just because, we hope to start slowing down these types of rushed positions, if you are intrested in some of these positions i would recommend joining the server now to build yourself up :) 


Any Questions please contact me Zwin 2e#3961









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