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  1. I won't lie yes, its short but when i was Gree this guy did everything without me telling him too, he helped me in MANY ways that i don't think i would've been able to do without him. Yes, i agree his app is really short and could use improvement but i do think he would be a great Gree whether he gets it this time or not. +1
  2. Battalion: 41st RP Name: none Date: 2/26/23 Reason: I hate the server (Not anyone's fault) just not my thing anymore Goodbyes: @AlucardGet Gree @SEXICOThank you for believing in me @BatdogBro those late-night talks hit dif @ShpackUr still a monkey @ZazaLemme get the backstage passes @TortugaBro you are a G @ClawOld ass mf @KeeveProbably doing some schoolwork or something but i miss u @BruiseMy favorite D1 football player @Joe41stmy dad fr @BonzaiYour actually wierd @TessaKittyshut up missed a bunch of ppl im sorry
  3. Ly2

    41st better EQ

    Ngl im 50/50 would be cool but hard to make happen
  4. Hour long conversation with my guy, honestly sounds like he's going to be as successful in RCMD as he was in 212th. He has my +1 and i cant wait to see him in this position.
  5. -1. This is only because of your attitude and actions in game. You have not only called multiple people the R slur in game to the point where it genuinely hurt their feelings. You also joked one of my Jedi's stutters openly and Infront of multiple people (about 2-3 weeks ago) and apologized just an hour ago. It wasn't even a sincere apology. I do not want to work with someone who is known to constantly make fun of other people in a battalion and continues even after a warning. I will say you have changed but I feel it's only because of this app. Another thing i would rather have someone that's going to listen and communicate with the rest of BCMDs rather than someone who is going to argue and deny everything during a meeting. You're trying to go for a position that is supposed to be one of the more serious positions. You are known to going against anything or anyone that doesn't agree with you. I think applying for BCMD after 2 months of joining the server is also a bit unexperienced. I see a lot of room for improvement and then maybe my opinion would change but for now it will be a -1.
  6. Ly2

    Part 5 - A return

    5/5/5 Was actually a different event and wasn't terrible. Liked this event.
  7. Ly2

    The Talons

    1. It was boring and no background 3. It was ight i guess 4. The performance was definitely not the worst
  8. 3- It was just a normal event that happens everyday 2- Literally just threw down BH's with no "lore" or any background 5- no lag at all
  9. Bug Type (Server:): Model go brrrr Severity level (Low - Medium - High): VERY low Evidence (if you can): Description of the bug: Cape 2 is not textured How can we recreate it: hop on the model and put on cape 2
  10. Bug Type (Server:): Model go brrrr Severity level (Low - Medium - High): Medium i think Evidence (if you can): Description of the bug: T-posing model that I believe wasn't tposing before update. How can we recreate it: Whatever you do to fix a tposing model

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