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  1. yea but thats 70 toddlers, if you trip on one of them. you fall on the ground and its all over
  2. wait fuck i was wrong @Comics fuck
  3. Someone (comics) said it says gullible on my ceiling. I look up. I don't see any words on my ceiling, fucking upset as hell, this actually hurted my feeling!
  4. Could you (1 person) beat up 70 toddlers (2-5 year olds) in one sitting (no break) btw they all have a full set of teeth/chompers
  5. 9/10 i loved the dooku bacta refrence at the end
  6. on a gamehelper/event jobs POV: a fat 9/10 you had documents, you where good at explaining, and very clear. please do more jova on a RP/ event POV: 10/10 so fucking fun, shoutout to cyan for becoming evil. deku its always nice seeing you play padme.
  7. 8/10 who the hell let bird be a sith smh
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