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  1. Name: Rickle Staff Rank: Senior Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:218377315 Length of LOA/ROA (Please specify date if possible): 10/13/21-10/23/21 Reason: I wanna take a break from Garry's Mod and play some other games with other friends of mine since I've been nonstop playing it. Do you understand that if you go LOA/ROA on a named Jedi Character for more than two weeks, go on LOA/ROA on any RC character, or go LOA/ROA while being clone commander, you will be removed from that position: Yes Do you understand that if you are going on LOA/ROA for more than two weeks you may lose your leadership position?: Yes
  2. For now I am giving a -1. I'll put some reasons down below 1. You should probably know a lot of lore before becoming a GM as it will help greatly. 2. Your event doc is lacking a little. I feel like it's just 1 big paragraph, instead of segmented parts, which makes it harder to read. 3. I would be happy to give a +1 if you worked a little harder on the doc/app
  3. +1 You do act a little dumb sometimes, but you'd be a good staff member
  4. +1 Lots of work on staff app and Nobile is a chill, funny, and cool guy
  5. +1 haven't tested this out at all, not going to act like I have, but if what he is saying is true this could help fps a lot. But if it causes other issues somehow then no
  6. 10/10 I'm not rating this off of my lag or fps. Which is why it gets a high rating, I loved the use of lava, props, Tech, translation, etc. it used every aspect of everything. I personally think there was nothing bad about the event itself.
  7. I already -1'ed but if this is true then that shows how much effort you put into things, if you cant even put effort into a few sentences, then how could you put effort into being a staff member
  8. Name: Rickle Who helped (If applicable): Seabass, Spiegel, Nado, Chillax Event/Encounter Name: Sith Attack the Base Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): Dooku came in on a ship that had the "best defenses in the galaxy". At first the republic didn't know he was on the ship, but after he kidnapped a trooper and announced that he was there, they knew who it was. He brought Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane, and a Jedi Hunter Droid. His mission was to send a message to the republic, he didn't do any of the fighting until they wanted to come into his ship, but he did send out Asajj, Bane, and the Jedi Hunter Droid to fight on the ground for him. After the Jedi Hunter droid was deactivated General Grievous was angry that they weren't winning and stepped in himself, he showed the clones why they should be scared. They eventually all were captured and were interrogated on why they came there. A Bounty Hunter had a LAAT and let the Sith escape succesfully. Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: Omalic
  9. -1 You like to boss ppl around??? Bro what.
  10. Name: Rickle Who helped (If applicable): N/A Event/Encounter Name: Sending out ships Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): N/A Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): A crew of CIS ships invaded the airspace of Anaxes. After all of the ships went down. Droids came into CY and invaded because they knew they were losing. Bugs were also there. Did any Bounty Hunters Participate: N/A
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