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  1. Hey man I was online when you did this. Not only did you tell a member too kill themselves in OOC, but you also said it in voice chat. He was going to give you a chance and dismiss it, but you continued. The staff did nothing wrong in this situation and you completely deserve the ban even if it gets updated. [Edit: You also complained for at least 10 minutes straight about how you get banned for months then someone else gets banned for like a month for RDM. You said you did nothing wrong, but you have a ban for Ddos threats. Just get unbanned and go on to get banned again.]
  2. Ngl I was like a SPC when i first found out abt these guys but they gave me some of my best memories. I understand they could be a lil aids to fight against but they are like one of the best Subunits fr. They are an actual W Subunit and they need to come back love them.
  3. Cooter

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    Thank you for your support you got me to where I am now!!! I plan on completing my term no matter the situation I’m in and even try to go for a second term. Love this battalion too much to let it down.
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    So currently in the battalion I have put in a thing where atleast 1 day a week I make sure we do something that the battalion wants to do that is not completely “serious”. They choose what they think they want to do and we do it within reason of course. Now the reason I put this in place is because I didn’t want to try changing the battalion so quick going from “Mingey” straight to “strict and serious”. So I can proudly say that this plan is working quite well currently and I am looking forward to making further changes and doing different things to change how we look. Like other BCMDs that we’ve had they haven’t put the minginess as one of our more serious things to fix. As we are getting better I do not want us to go back into how we used to be so I do not plan on stopping what we are currently doing.
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    Tysm and even if i dont get Gree 41st will still keep pushing!
  6. Cooter

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    Preciate the support man tysm
  7. Steam Name: Cooter RP Name: Faie RP Rank: MAJ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:576186145 Battalion you are applying for: 41st Experience: PVT-MAJ in 41st was admin for a bit Why should you become a Battalion Commander?: Ever since I first joined the battalion, I knew that it was what I have wanted to be in. I have a passion for 41st and I only want to see the best. 41st is the only battalion I've ever wanted to be in. Not only have I helped as much as I can in this battalion since day one, but I plan on continuing that for as long as I'm on the server. I'm a very honest person and I know if I've done something wrong. I have had a lot of times in the past that I showed very immature attitude, and I was very mingy. Since I resigned from the battalion, I reflected on how I acted, and I wanted to change that sense. I have matured a lot and I now know how to have fun but not TOO much fun. Another thing I'm good at is being able to listen. I always loving hearing advice from Ex-Gree's and always put into consideration that they have experience. I have amazing plans for the battalion that would not only improve our flaws but will also improve what we are already good at. I also have a lot of the battalions trust and they all know they can talk to me if needed. Not only do I have their trust, but they have my promise that when/if I get Gree I will not change and only do what's best for us and not try to bring us down. The main thing I am going to do as Gree is focus on the battalion and keeping it up. Availability: I'm able to be on everyday past 3 or 4 because of my work schedule unless I need to go somewhere which I normally find out about a few days before or a week. Estimate of how long you've played on Synergy Roleplay?: 41st GC ARC MAJ Cooter has played for 1173:40:00 best I got. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want your battalion to be at the end of your term?: I want my battalion to be the battalion that always has 5-6 active players on. At the end of my term, I want our battalion to be known as the one that rose from the dust. Another thing that I want at the end of the term is too not be known as the "Minge battalion". It's a lot coming from me, but I know we can get it done and we are already in the process of doing so as I'm writing this. At the end of my term, we will be known as the battalion that not only came back from having barely any players on to being known as the most active battalion and not only that but the battalion that is fun to work with and makes people want to do trainings with us. We will show others that we are able to RP and prove that we can be a serious battalion. Lastly, I would like to get jedi in our battalion. We aren't a jedi focused battalion but that dosent mean we don't need jedi. I am going to work on getting our jedi area running again and make sure we have a good leadership to help with the area Aswell. My main goals for the battalion Get activity going again. Host game/movie nights and have trainings that aren't always strict. Improve relations with other battalions. Get joint trainings started and have deployments/events with 41st and other battalions. Get our comms started and get known again. Level out our officer and NCO/SNCO corps. Fix our rank transfers and get a solid officer to promote people when able too. Work on how we represent ourselves. When people get bored, we tend to just mess around. I would make it where we have trainings for certain times. If we start getting too mingy, I will host a training that would get the members back into a more serious mood. Recruitments. Actually, get recruitment binds and enforce actually doing our tryouts even if someone has been in the batt before. Get trainings started back up. This cures the boredom which ties into previous goals. Just these trainings will be set to joint trainings and working on our rp during the training. Get our subunit tryouts happening again. Enforce the "tryouts hosted every weekend" advert. Make sure we have people willing to do tryouts in the leadership positions for subunits. Get 41st jedi and improve the jedi area of our battalion. Work with the jedi and get events with them and my battalion. Make sure that we aren't distancing ourselves away from them since they aren't clones. Work on getting our regiment and leadership positions filled. I would start sending the application forms out and get that rolling. Make sure the people in those roles are able to take it seriously and get work done. Work on our intel. What I would do to fix this is adding more officers into intel and make it mandatory for our officers to be intel. Establish managers for intel and not just leave it up to the ITD to do everything. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three-month term limit, and you must reapply after three months to maintain your commander rank?: Yes
  8. +1 Not the BCMD but when you did talk to me not only where you professional ash but you actually listened. Your plans for my battalion are amazing and my battalions already loves the idea of you being our RCMD. SO my +1 isnt speaking from only me but 41st in general <3 We would enjoy having you.

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