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  1. Hey guys, I've mentioned this before, but I'm pretty new to gaming. I lived in Zimbabwe for the first 16 years of my life and I didn't really have a laptop capable of running games, and having internet was rare, so I really didn't play many games. Since I moved to the UK, I've had a friendly guy share his game library with me, and I have worked pretty hard to at least have enough money to buy myself some of my own games too. From this point, I want to ask: what are your guys top games? Singleplayer, multiplayer, both, whatever it is, I want to know what I've missed out on for my whole life and I wanna fit in as many games as I possibly can. I'll start off with my current top five games, and I hope you guys will follow up so I can use them and play them too ^^ CS:GO Hearts of Iron IV Overwatch
  2. Thanks to @Dekufor helping me find my Bungie thingamajig, it is JessicaP1224#1661 if anyone wants to add me.
  3. This is 100% an alternative I'd considered and would also be open to, if you felt that would be a better implementation, and due to your reasoning I totally agree that it's a good alternative.
  4. 6/10 - whilst I enjoyed the event there are definitely a few complaints I could make, whilst not major or anything they did lower the quality of the event for me. I'd first like to note that I didn't really have much idea of what was going on for most of the event, it felt a lot more like a shoot 'em up then a story event like I feel as if it was made to feel like. Secondly, the whole 'negotiation' phase was very messy and confusing from a trooper point of view, and from that part of the event onwards I felt extremely lost. Overall though, interesting story with some fun combat situations.
  5. I'm beyond saving now, the game is installed.
  6. I have pressed the Destiny 2 install button, feels like a trap.
  7. Not a huge Kanye fan but from a purely critical point of view, it's either a 2/5 or 3/5 for me, and that's excluding the whole drama surrounding the launch. There's some good songs in there, but a lot of it is just filler, no idea why there are so many songs on here. I like Believe What I Say. That's the best one on there in my view, but it's mainly filler. Could've done a lot better and didn't need this many tracks.
  8. 5/10 - another situation where I would love to rate more if I could. This should be the expected quality of shoot 'em ups, this is definitely one of the best shoot 'em ups I have ever seen on this server. It was brief, fun, with an engaging story-line, interesting follow up, and a cool setting. I feel as if a shoot 'em up should be based on these concepts, simplicity, speed, and enjoyment. These all were absolutely phenomenal and the event was great for a shoot 'em up. Would rate higher if the system allowed me to. Thanks for hosting this event and I hope to see more stuff from you in future.
  9. Suggestion: Change the 'event rating' system in the forums to split them into two categories, one for story-based events which are longer, planned and intended to have a strong story, and another for spontaneous shoot 'em ups. Why should we implement this: Currently, according to the rating system, the best an event really can do is a 5/10. This means there is not very much depth for rating a shoot 'em up, for example a fantastic shoot 'em up would be a 5, whereas an average shoot 'em up would be rated a 4, realistically. Splitting these two rating systems allow people to be more critical and in depth of shoot 'em ups, and makes a 5/10 a lot better of a score. How will this improve the Forums: I don't know if this will necessarily improve the forums but I think there's a pretty strong case for it improving the event team's morale and encouraging better shoot 'em ups where possible.
  10. 5/10 - this doesn't mean the event was bad or anything, I'm just following the rating guide. The event was fun, engaging and entertaining to play, but the story was next to nothing (was just a shoot 'em up) and it was mainly just clearing out the Geonosis base. However, the event was very fun, the spawning was done well, and I had a lot of fun working together with the rest of the server to clear Geonosis. Overall, good event for a shoot 'em up.
  11. Yeah I guess that makes sense, but even if I looked at the game and thought 'oh hey, that looks cool!' (like I did when googling it) I just don't think there's much point in playing a game like that this far after release.
  12. Good to know! I'm a new player so don't feel like getting strangled into buying DLC
  13. Only been playing games for 2 years so forgive me for asking this, but what the fuck is Destiny 2?
  14. Hey there, just made a forums account so thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Jess, I've been in the server a week or two now, spent most of that time playing as CT to learn the ropes as I'm pretty new to the game, but now I'm confident and have joined RANCOR, hoping to have some fun. I'm originally from Zimbabwe, but a couple years ago was able to move to the UK, where I live now. I study medicine and am going to university next week to begin studying that full-time and earn my degree, and I also play CS:GO semi-professionally. Other than that, there really isn't much to note about me, but I hope to meet you all in the server and if you have any more questions feel free to find my on Discord, my name is the same. Have a nice day everyone ^^
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