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  1. 7/10 Solid event aside from that part where I had droids spawned all around me
  2. 8/10 fun event, liked the fact that the droids were more aggressive than usual.
  3. 7/10 Nice, short, concise, entertaining.
  4. 8/10, great event, I think the roleplay between me as senator stonk and the other troopers turned out pretty well and I think the event was also challenging enough to be fun.
  5. 8/10 once again great usage of event jobs, nice story and easy to follow plot, good combat, not too long, not to short, overall a very nicely done event proving Spookz's pozitive consistency.
  6. 8/10 solid event, really liked it especially the scouting part, it felt pretty immersive even if we sucked at it
  7. 6/10, the bounty hunter part got a bit annoying after a while but otherwise than that it was a pretty decent event
  8. 7/10 I think the use of event jobs really helped this
  9. 8/10, enjoyed being a Wookie and I think the roleplay resulting from the wookies being there was interesting.
  10. 7/10 I think it was a decently fun event especially since Dono employed event jobs to act as droids which made the event more fun
  11. 10/10 Amazing atmosphere Brilliant voice acting Great story telling Engaging roleplay Incredibly interactive Steck may have died in a fiery death but he will be remembered. Overall amazing event, what is there not to love?
  12. I liked it a lot, it was definitely fun especially with the ships jumping out of hyperspace I rate a solid 8/10
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