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  1. 1: in the past year in Brace his terms there indeed as Brace said were no wipe's at all, with the current Chiefs we have i can promise you, no wipe will happen for as long as im here. however there is not really a way to stop this in the future from happening. If a wipe happens in the future it doesnt come from me or the current chiefs. 2: In the current state of the navy im aware of a few who possibly do this but i have not seem them do it really, if something like that happens people can come to me, even if im not ingame or in teamspeak im always reachable trough Discord. There is no plan currently to fix it, i would like to hear some story's from people who encountered this problem, from there i will start to make a plan to fix it. hope i answered what u wanted Dennis but currently with what im hearing i have no straight answer on the last part of your second question im sorry.
  2. Shipmate Going Ashore! 07 you are a good man!
  3. A reg has indeed more power such as he gets to vote on BCMD apps and helps if there are any player or battalion issues a reg carries alot of responsability with him, they ensure the future of the battalions and the server. You also are a serverwide rolemodel, people look up to you. Its not about the power that you get, but its about the ambition you have to get the certain position you are applying for.
  4. Steam Name: Warmac RP Name: Rear Admiral Dao RP Rank: Rear Admiral l CMD Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:181582289 Experience: --The 501st [Private -> Captain]-- When I first joined Synergy. I joined the 501st because I had not become a VIP Member of the community since i just joined and wanted to know how the server whas like, since i joined the 501st i remained active and rose true the ranks by activity and encouragement. to say i whas the most active 501st NCO/Officer is hard to say since back in those days we had more members that played frequently but i sure whas 1 of the most active among the group we had. As a junior and senior NCO, I thrust myself into leadership positions through branches. HVY and JT lead, I made major changes. Specifically in the Jet Trooper Branch, i left both branched multiple times to help them out since they were dying slowly and later i had the chance to help them both out at the same time as a CMBOVR [Combat Overseer]. This shows how I can take something that needs work, and apply my leadership skills to it and improve the situation. Once becoming an officer, I stayed very active within doing general officer work. eventually i had to resign at the rank of Captain because of IRL stuff i had to do and technical issues. --The Navy [Recruit -> Rear Admiral]-- After returning to the server since i have left for a year because of work i joined the server back noticed changes since i left first hand out to get used to them than in a week i joined the Navy. First i whas playing more on my clone but when i noticed how active the navy actually whas at the current time i decided to help out, as I joined my activity was noted. Due to me being one of few who mains BO/Naval, it stuck out to the officer corps. I whas really dedicated to help out the navy and bring it back to the days where every day you had atleast 2 or 3 BO/Naval online. I first showed Dedication and the will to the navy when i first joined. I did this under my own initiative, showing how im not afraid to stick my neck out to stuff i see or that needs a change or are there to be suggested. once i reached the Senior NCO ranks i started helping out other NCO's alot since they needed help figuring stuff out and be set on track within the navy. my will to help others did not go unnoticed and within 2 months in the navy i reached the rank of Ensign immidiatly applying for the Lore Character Dao. after my promotion to LTJG, the second highest naval officer resigned wich led to me and Brace as the only officers for a while, within 4 months i reached the rank of Captain [Colonel] and became a member of the Naval HC. A week later i received the rank of Rear Admiral but have been doing the work of an XO within the Navy. --Staff work-- I have been staff around 3 times now on Synergy, 2 times in my first year and i just resigned from my current position as an Senior Admin, i like to help the community and to play with them, in my mind the best way to learn more about the people of the community your playing with is to communicate, it teaches you how to mediate problems or fights between people. All staff have had that sit, where you get two stories and you have to listen to both sides and handle it. This helps out because being an Admiral, you must do this frequently. Situations regarding trainings, events, branches, etc. and it is always good to have any type of staff expierence that can make an upcoming leader. Why should you become Admiral?: --Mentorship under the recent Admiral-- As most people know, Brace was the previous Admiral. During his term, he was tasked with completely rebuilding a foundation for the navy and getting it back on its feet. Throughout his term, I worked very closely with him. Because of this, I have learned great things about responsability and what it takes to be an Admiral. Things like, immediate changes, communication skills, qualities in an officer, etc. All of these things that I learned from him, things like this can help me become an good Admiral. --A Plan-- When many people enter a leadership position, they generally are overwhelmed with the effort it takes to implement the change they want. I always like to be prepared for things like changes, it takes a simple plan and basic communications and meetings to get it starting, a plan always makes an effective leader. --Activity-- I mention activity a lot. Because to me, it is very important. An active leader shows and sets an example of what to be for the Navy. People say, “Hey, if the Admiral is active then I can be too”. Beyond in game activity, I can constantly be reached through discord and other things. This is vital for especially the Admiral, to be able to communicate with others even off of the game. Beyond that still, activity as a general officer is also with me. Writing documents, general updates, etc. All showing that I am a very active member of the Naval as a whole and as a Naval High Command. Do you understand the purpose of Naval on the server?: Within the server, the Navy is in charge of the Training Departments of the entire server. We have 3 branches of training to take care of. Medical, Engineering, and Flight Operations. These positions are spearheaded by their respective “Chiefs”. Within general server operations, the Navy is in charge of advising and commanding situations and battles that occur on a day to day basis. Communicating with the GM to get their event across in the best possible way. The Navy is the forefront of events and passive RP that happens on the server every day. Availability: Most days 6/7 AM 6/7 PM EST Give a brief overview of your achievements on the server: Naval Rear Admiral Naval Operations Admiral Naval Chief Flight Officer 501st Captain 501st Heavy Lead 501st Jet Trooper Lead Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want the Naval to be at the end of your term?: Every Admiral wants the best for their Navy. And every Admiral will say the same general things too. “I want more RP, an active Navy, etc”. I too want these things. Expanding on that topic, I want that naval interact more with the community. This will be explained in another section. I also want to ensure the Officer Corps stays stable with active members. Again, going to be explained later. I also plan to do general work such as ensuring all “Chiefs” of branches are in check. Update documents such as, The Naval Handbook and the Naval Tryout Guide. This will ensure the Navy is running well and stays stable. How do you plan to change the Naval under your command?: --The Officer Corps-- The officer corps generally is in a good position. However, all officers will be under evaluation from myself and the other Flag Officers to ensure activity as a general officer and that their requirements are being upheld. I do also wish to appoint the best officers to higher positions. Currently, we have a few Senior Officers and they are the future of our Officer core. --Interaction-- The Navy hasnt always been in the best spot with communications with the community, with you guys. I wanna change that, as a community we should all get along and help eachother, and a naval member should treat it like a ship not a base, on a base you sometimes are on eachothers lips, on a Venator for example you are always on eachother their lips and there is no escape about it. I want the navy to interact with the community during and outside of events and not only in OOC. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your Admiral rank?: Yes
  5. Maby your right im on camp rn and dont have my laptop present did this on my phone.
  6. Steam Name: Warmac RP Name: Rear Admiral Dao RP Rank: Rear Admiral (Commander) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:181582289 Experience: in the current state of the navy 5 almost 6 months, server wide 3 years. Why should you become Admiral?: currently together with Rodger i am the most active naval in downtime and uptime. I can work with alot of members of the community. Do you understand the purpose of Naval on the server?: The Navy has a character role in events and order in the base. Currently the Navy has 3 chiefs: CFO in control the Piloting Program on the server, makes sure documents are up to date and makes sure there is no confusion overal. The CoE is in control over the entire engineering on the server and the CMO is on control of the entire medical structure on the server. Availability: Almost always like to be active and be there on the server. Give a brief overview of your achievements on the server: i reached Naval high command in 3/4 months and became CFO in my first month. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Where do you want the Naval to be at the end of your term?: active officer core and enlisted core, maby have a new branch we have been working on already. How do you plan to change the Naval under your command?: I like to work woth community members and i want naval to be on the same path i.wanna have naval do more ground work and interact with the community in and out of events. Do you understand that if you go inactive that you will be removed from your position?: Yes Do you understand that your position has a three month term limit and you must reapply after three months to maintain your Admiral rank?: Yes
  7. Name: Warmac Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:181582289 Staff Rank: Senior Admin Are you VIP?: yes and SUB Date: 07-09-2021 Reason for leaving: Not really motivated anymore and got some shit on my head at the time. Farewells: N/A
  8. Name: Warmac Who helped (If applicable): Apoc/Sharps Event/Encounter Name: Umbaran Revenge Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): After the Nuke fell on a sector on Umbara the locals were furious. this resulted in an large assault of Annaxes aided by the CIS. the Attack failes missearebly but the umbarans got some revenge for the actions the Republic did on Umbara!
  9. Name: Warmac Helpers: Paladin,Foe,Meastro,Opa,Gadgetl Event Name: Victory or Death on Kashyyyk Summary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bFVKHFmv4QJa2cmd99D7mih4q02XQjhnw1hCAn8h2KE/edit
  10. Name: Warmac Helpers: HellRazor,Unkindled,Yeaster,Merrill Event Name: Drop the Bomb!!! Summary: Anaxas Base has received a new type of bomb 2 days Ago, This bomb whas ordered to be constructed bu the Supreme Chancellor. Umbara has been a key element of CIS resistance and we lost alot of good men out there, today we ended the Umbaran Rebellion with our first Official Test with the Bomb! The effect whas proven very succesfull and another one is now in production. On Umbara before the bomb landed the Republic Forces were receiving an heavy amount of fire. they needed to take out Anti Air guns and hold a strong point so the CIS couldn't push them back.
  11. Name: Warmac Helpers: Ratio,Skyron,Lerona Event Name: Big Bomb Preparation Summary: The Sience Facility on Endor [Besh] whas recieving a new type of bomb wich whas ordered to be constructed by the Chancellor. During the transport of the bomb it whas intercepted by CIS forces and the convoy escord whas destroyed, 2 villagers that were camping nearby tried to protect their camp but unfortunatly were Killed In Action, One the Bomb whas retrieved and brought to Besh they needed to disable it and prep it for transport to Anaxes. Besh whas attacked with a massive force of Droids but the Republic still succeeded to extract it.
  12. Name: Warmac Who helped (If applicable): Unkindled Event/Encounter Name: Oh Magnificent Cargo!! Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided): the Republic Pelta Class the manacuur whas on a supply mission, they ran out of fuel and headed to Anaxes ti refuel, once on Anaxes they asked for Fuel of Fort Anaxes. in the meantime the CIS entered orbit and moved into attack positions, once the shields of the Manacuur were down the CIS focused Fire on the Reactor, before the CIS Lander whas destroyed the reactor whas exploding and Captain Horn called abandon ship, he died in the proces. the Cargo dropped onto Anaxes and whas retrieved by the Republic and in the mean time an CIS Cruiser whas being boarded the CIS General ordered it to be destroyed since it had information about the cargo and what the CIS had planned to do with it.
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    Lets hope it works than i start making a training for it +1
  14. what he means i think is 3/6 till 5/6
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