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  1. Had alot of fun Enjoyed it alot LAAT go BRR
  2. until

    Was a fun Event, LAAT Go BRR
  3. +1 give this man a chance to learn, keep it to the Sim rooms and contact a SGT+ To Claim the Sim room for you and activate the sim so you can fuck about in there
  4. 5/5/5 Dear God That was Awesome Thanks for helping me go crazy
  5. Seems interesting, and I'd like to see it +1
  6. Kirito


    Pretty good event, i'd give it a 4
  7. Kirito

    Remove Rancor

    Personally I'd say either make reforms to Rancor to where there is actually Players in rancor online, doing things for players to help them train for their ARC Trainings such as Simulations, giving pointers on what they are doing wrong to help them improve themselves and better the Players on the server. But none the less, Ill be giving a +1 unless Reforms can actually be made
  8. This would definitely would help with recording events from above or some different angles, especially if someone wants to know what happened during the event due to them not being there. +1
  9. Keegan has done wonders during his time on Synergy, he is a perfect pick from Gree and Im sure his plans will better the battalion and the server's time and interactions with 41st +1
  10. o7 may your rest, help you find whatever it is in life you seek.
  11. This is an honest give or take on this one, but Drage here has had some ups and downs in the past but he always seems to bring out the best in people. I've worked with him for ages now, and i used to be his Fives for a time and that gave me some insight into his personality and character. Anytime there was an issue he would come on despite what his was doing to defuse the situation and despite if people were yelling at the top of their lungs. He always brings out the best in people. He would make time and try to talk with people one on one to sort out the situation, and have everyone calm down and get along at the end of the day. He wouldn't just pull Rank, and he actively tries to give NCOs a chance to take lead and gives them help if they are struggling during events. Yes he has some flaws, but who doesn't? Currently within the 501st I say he is one of the best candidates for being Rex. So I give this man a +1 and my full support on his application for Rex.
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