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Name: Toaster
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:460411068

Current Staff Rank: Admin
Are you Currently a GH?: yea
How long have you played on the server? [Hours]: 2113:14:20.
From 1-10, what would you rate your knowledge of the Clone Wars?: 8
Do you understand that if you are inactive, you will be removed from the program?: yea!

Why do you want to join the Gamemaster team?: I want to join the GM team to help players have a more enjoyable experience on the server and give battalions more fun with deployments, and various other actions a GM could help with. Another reason I wish to join the GM team is my activity, and ability to help anyone with a dupe they may need pasted, or a event to help player pop when needed. And above all else, I want to push myself further in the community and in the staff team as a whole, and try to get up to SA and maybe VA if it comes to it.
Do you have any suggestions for the gamemaster team
?: Nope, the current GMOs, GMMs, and GMD do great work.

Link us to 2 documents. One that is a deployment for the event server and one for a main server event. These will likely be the first events you do as a GM.

Event Server https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tbz_PLjNmPKglaV597K0GfH25dd4o8K2wAz98awd668/edit?usp=sharing

Main Server https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gP-I2FOEBjEXNNKvChy6oC4NeY3I-Q603oZ0jzLDexM/edit?usp=sharing

Future Dev. Assistant

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 Former Senior Senator Lux Bonteri Bail Organa 501st COL  Sarge HVOO Tup MEDO Hawk SUPL Denal ARCL Current: Senate Main

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Longest Special Operations Member on the server.
 Current: Mace Windu
Former: Cin Drallig l First Yayax Squad Yover l Foxtrot Commando l 2nd GM BCMD Bacara l Serra Keto Final SO Commander Jet l First & Last Devil Dogs Deadeye l Veteran Admin l Jedi General Plo Koon l 2nd Returning SO CMD Jet l Luminara Unduli l Wolfpack MAJ Boost l Kit Fisto l Trauma's Unit MED Mystic l Jedi Military Advisor l Omega 36 PVT Darman l High General Shaak Ti l Jedi Chief Instructor l Alpha 98 Nate


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