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  1. Good RP, Nice use of a interesting map, good BH fun 9/10
  2. So uh... List ain't full, why wipe the more active members? (Not included in this list cause I'm still busy w/ military) Fill up the empty slots first, then go from there. As for difficulty... Well, idc tbh, as long as it keeps in the real spirit of Alpha, go for it. Also yeah, maybe want to lengthen up the plans you have. No one ever complains about too much detail, even if you're writing a book on it.
  3. Basic is complete, AIT allows use of cell phone, so ill be sorta around
  4. Luckily, I'm Maintenance and Fire Control, so I should be relatively fine
  5. Well, this is interesting. Tomorrow, I ship off for Oklahoma. As some of you know, I joined the Army, with Artillery. I'll be at BCT for 9 weeks, get about 10 days free for Christmas/New Years, then be back to AIT for another 9 weeks. After all is over, given I don't get a duty station where I am unable to use my computer, I'll be back. But for now, its radio silence from me. This really isn't like a full leave from the server, so I'm not gonna get all sappy and emotional for all my buds here. Yall know who you are, and I will be seeing you all again in six months, with some hopefully good stories to tell and some extra knowledge under my belt. Seriously, thanks to everybody who kept this server fun. See you all soon. This is Good Night and not Good Bye.
  6. Merrill


    9/10 Dope design, everyone hates Anakin, good mix of rp and action RIP 2210 u n l e s s . . . ?
  7. Merrill


    9/10 Ragdolls were fun but silly at same time Good use of music again
  8. Name: Merrill Who helped (If applicable):NA Event/Encounter Name: Blizzard and Assault Link to Event/Encounter Document (optional): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cYtW-5SR1P4xx2VIHtyeIDIXiFbZymDgYXVbT8GCLpQ/edit?usp=sharing Description of event/encounter (required if no document provided):
  9. Merrill

    Bane's GM App

    +1 While this fella was with my BH clan, he had a real mind for RP, so I feel pretty confident with how he'll do
  10. Bruh Gotta make sure you actually do the full prompt and answer questions correctly
  11. Merrill


    9/10 1 point for every group of civilians that either got rescued or exploded
  12. +1 We have let worse individuals back, and he didn't have to admit to the extra ban evading, since it seems no one realized it at first. The fact he is going out of his way to be 100% honest either means he's genuine, or he's prepping for an acting career. Either way, there is no real harm in unbanning him. If he fucks up, ban. Simple as that.
  13. Merrill

    Jabiim, Part 1

    10/10 Excellent use of 2 Maps Protesting was dope idea VERDUN
  14. So, in terms of map plans, this map would be great for really moody events, whether they are thriller or horror in nature. This would be a great addition +1

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