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  1. -1 After reading perspectives from other individuals that were monitoring this situation, it seems to me that though the RDMs may not have been intentional, it was still reckless use of a vehicle ESPECIALLY after being warned. For future reference, you do need to have the proper trainings to utilize specific vehicles. During this event, it was stated that 21st have priority over vehicles so that was probably confusing but still doesn't excuse the RDMs. Hope to see you back after the 5 days are up.
  2. Btw, since then I've gained ~5.8mil credits... but still do want that 2.?mil if I'm able since it bugged or something
  3. +1. Seen you in game a little bit and you seem like someone that could help the staff team. Best of luck.
  4. Bug Type (Server:): CWRP Severity level (Low - Medium - High): Low Evidence (if you can): Don't have any Description of the bug: Yesterday I had 2.? mil credits and today I came back on the server and only have 12.5k :( How can we recreate it: Not sure what caused it. Came back after being off for a while and had the money yesterday when I first rejoined, then I came back today and when I looked it was set to 12.5k.
  5. 21k says you're wrong ;) REALLY? YAYYYY
  6. I've definitely done that too......... but hopefully not again?
  7. hi. i'm back. For those who don't know me, I've been a part of this community for more than three years and used to be a part of the high staff team. I've been lurking in the shadows for a while playing other games and usually hiding in leadership channels. However, recently I've made some life changes that will (hopefully) allow me to be more active in the community. I'm excited to meet the new players that have come to this community since I've left and also excited to reunite with old friends
  8. i found this a while back. Welcome back. <3
  9. @Dennisis tall, but I'm pretty sure @Forseen is close to him
  10. wait do you still have the shirt?
  11. NOOO MY STREAK 😭 but you’re right, crack is probably less addictive
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