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suggestion process?


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Question: How does the suggestion process work after they are accepted? It seems like things get moved around differently every time throughout development of different things. From what I understand, the forums looks like its set up to for Accepted > Review > Dev > Prep > Implementation. But some things just dont get moved around in that order and skip things. for example: 


Not sure what's going on with this suggestion. Does this mean it was implemented or does it mean that it was just accepted again?
Link to suggestion example: 

Comments/Concerns: (not asking for updates on the suggestion linked itself, but just more insight on the actual process yall have for processing forum suggestions)

Staff Member you're asking: @Jad

Additional info:

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Once a suggestion has been accepted by our team it moves into the accepted category for pending review. Next it moves into the review process once we're looking into ways to properly add or develop the suggestion (More like a brainstorming and planning phase). After plans have been laid out we move into development. Once we have something fully prepared and developed its moved into preparation while being QA'd waiting for implementation. Implementation is just our way of archiving suggestions that have fully made it into the server in one way or another.

Sometimes some steps are skipped during certain suggestion because it ends up being apart of something we've already been working on. In the case of the screenshot above, I'm going to assume the preparation auto lock and complete function didn't work which required it to be accepted again. Also! Datapads are a pain in the ass, the guy who originally made the add-on removed it from the workshop so we're going to have to go through our old packs manually and try to find them again.

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Question Answered

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This was an accident. Me and xaze were cleaning up suggestions and I asked if the datapad was on the jobs, someone in the channel said yes, then said no right after I moved it, so I had to remove it. Just a little slip up on my end

Other then that, Jad's got it summed up


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