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  1. +1 capable and deserves it (also i don’t think anybody should be stuck in the hell that is being admin rank for any longer than needed!)
  2. +1 I think he is capable of the position and has decent ideas for it.
  3. Gameplay: 5/5 - Extremely fun and player-led Care and EFFORT: 5/5 - Well planned out and well implemented! Performance: 5/5 - No issues This was a really fun event and I hope to see similar things in the future!
  4. Bug Type (Server:): UI - Event Server Severity level (1-3): IDK Evidence (if you can): N/A Description of the bug: On event server, the button that should lead to main from Escape menu just reconnects you to the event server. How can we recreate it: Press the button.
  5. Keegan


    Gameplay: 3/5 - From what I saw inside base the droids were being spawned 10 feet away from us which broke my immersion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Care and Effort: 3/5 - Could have been better with the above! Server Performance: 5/5 - No issues
  6. Gameplay: 5/5 - Really fun and engaging Care and Effort: 5/5 - Bro coordinated this shit better than most events. Ambitious and well done. GG Server Performance: 3/5 - It was pretty bad lag but since this was your first event coming back I can let it go.
  7. As a Senator this will actually be enjoyable and add some more purpose to things like Senate Guard and Diplomatic Services to guard us. I think it would also be a good idea to have timers before they can accept another hit. For example, it could be 10 minutes if they succeed in their hit, and 20 if they fail. (This could be done as a server rule as well to save development time).
  8. Gameplay: 3/5 - Seemed a bit drawn out from what I experienced Care and Effort: 3/5 - Seemed good but some things could've been better communicated Server Performance: 5/5 - No major issues
  9. Gameplay: 5/5 - Very exciting roleplay! Got to lock people in the showers & negotiate as a Senator. Care and Effort: 5/5 - Excellent dupes and effort from the GMs! Server Performance: 5/5 - No issues.
  10. I think this is evidence that 21st is being added back.
  11. Gameplay: 5/5 - Pretty fun event Care and Effort: 5/5 - Good work from GM to involve player direction Server Performance: 5/5 - No issues
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