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  1. Hopefully this gets an answer and swift unblock!
  2. Please change it back to how it was or just stick with something for an extended period of time. I don't care either way since I don't play clone just don't constantly change it every month as it diminishes the whole point of having them be able to build bonds or whatever.
  3. +1 Would be good help for GM team.
  4. A year is a long time. This also skirts the edge on breaking the commander rules as this is a rank-lock punishing people for prior actions before they could’ve joined Naval. Regardless of if it breaks a rule it is beyond a terrible idea. This app doesn’t mention relations with other factions at all outside a rip-off of BH contracting. Have you talked to any BCMDs regarding this idea? If Naval is to take lead in events, wouldn’t that hinder the ability for battalions to have their own event leads for merits or promotion, especially if they have Naval “contracted”? What if a GM doesn’t want Naval leading it, and how would it be ensured Naval are aware of any upcoming deployments in order to fully understand the situation in order to brief people? I find most of the time that when someone other than the GM does the briefing that the entire description gets royally fucked up. You also haven’t talked to me, as Mas Amedda, leader of one of the other VIP groups that has great potential to grow together as another small faction on the server, regarding any ideas to work as smaller factions. Naval and Senate are right next to each other in terms of spawns, are both VIP, and both have lots of opportunity. I’ve been waiting for someone to go for Admiral for quite some time and I’d rather have someone I know has some interest in including us in some matters or take the time to reach out. For a RCMD position (maybe it should be BCMD as it doesn’t oversee anything major) for such a dead faction, I would’ve figured this app would have more detail on specific ways to grow in number rather than bank on things that require GMs (those activities mostly do still need some involvement from staff to not become incredibly repetitive /me activities, basically the same as the quests that have you go sit by the elevator forever), or things that would require “groups of 3-6 people” when from what it sound like Naval doesn’t even have enough people to fill one of those groups. Furthermore, this method of running the Naval High Command seems odd. So if someone got a position their opponent could just immediately put up another application to go for it? Would this not just lead to never-ending applications and competition driving Naval into little friend groups that are all trying to have coups to oust higher ranking people who have worked hard to get where they are? Why not just have the Admiral, who is supposed to be a trusted person, manage their own command team? Why even have the Admiral have any power at all if everything is a vote and from what this system describes is completely unneeded? The only thing of substance here seems to be a spreadsheet and a google doc, Naval needs more than that, especially when such things can be done from a position outside of being Admiral. -1
  5. @HanzYou dumb me?? Remove it now :monkaGun::Bruh:

    1. Hanz


      Fuck no

    2. Keegan


      You will see the consequences

  6. Emoji Pepe 2 Electric Boogaloo Misc Emotes I think at this point removing anything will just push people away, despite activity of said things. idk what the fuckl is going on
  7. Gameplay: 5/5 - Very fun and spread out across base Care and Effort: 5/5 - Well executed Server Performance: 3/5 - There was some lag at parts
  8. Keegan


    I'm not staff anymore so I can't be entirely sure, but: I believe this is when somebody gives themself the default DarkRP Arrest Baton (the red one that you just click on them rather than having to "stun" them first). This baton shouldn't be getting used, so I'd suggest a good fix for this to be just move that baton into the "do not spawn" section in the weapon list. Also, the person dying/getting the item removed from their inventory stops the error.

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