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  1. Zyner

    Event Job Tags

    Name: Zyner Suggestion: Creating an Event Job tag Where would this be implemented?: In TeamSpeak How would this benefit the TeamSpeak/Community?: Allowes Game Masters to PM/pull people who advertise they enjoy or want to help in events by being an Event Job. This will create a better flow into Events by avoiding advertising in-game (breaking immersion) for Event Jobs where most people will stop what they are doing and get ready for the Event. Also allow Game Masters to ease into Events, such example being where the Community becomes impatient after adverts and questions when an Event will start. Down-side will be that the Community will not be aware in-game when an Event is being made (Though they can look in the TeamSpeak channel for Game Masters if they are preparing). Have you asked for Feedback from others about this suggestion?: Yes. Briefly explain why this should be implemented?: People love tags and the tag itself should hold literally no power/priorities so easier to implement. Can create a tag if required. Yes there are Game Helpers but VIPs can be Event Jobs but there is no VIP tag (Yet?).
  2. 8/10 Droids sometimes appeared where we had already cleared a path through but other than that solid mix of shoot 'em up and roleplay elements to set up the next part.
  3. +1 At least give it a trial run. Often times people rush Sith or are not afraid even in numbers. A true Sith would have the power to immobilize and choke a group of Troopers with ease. Troopers have little to no fear for Sith, specially knowing they can just respawn and come back. Knowing they're facing up against someone who could kill them in a single hit (per real lore) will make them adapt and think tactics through. Sith characters will have to be watched though, some sort of guidelines will need to be followed like no bumrushing or alike.
  4. Zyner


    Make the Admin model an Astromech or any other droid. Doesn't break immersion when it flys or is around the base and is even lore friendly to be around rather than break immersion when going into admin mode.
  5. Did you ask the 104th permission to change something regarding their specialization or bring this up to them beforehand?
  6. -1 A powerplay to go down in the books, got to admire the dedication in a long con.
  7. Zyner

    187th Revamping

    You are getting parachutes, whenever they are added for an update - no choice but to wait. This suggestion is more beneficial than what you're already getting will end up providing; Unless people can AOS/arrest 187th who use the Jetpack typically (instead of just to go down and soften the fall). Plus, if I recall correctly, only one 187th job is ment to have the parachute per Joah's saying. I'd still be fine with the Battalion getting it but definitely not Jetpacks, just gonna have to wait.
  8. How is the knife unusuable? It does like 800 damage.
  9. On Tamewater it would be okay but building an entire Functioning Temple on Extensive and permapropping it would affect performance alongside everything else (other dupes, events, etc). During the last months of Extensive the prop limit on things was being lowered every week to find a middleground to performance.
  10. I'd give a half +`1, remove them temporarily as we are on the ship. It makes ZERO sense to have a truce with the Sith and let them live in our Venator, it's an incredibly risky and huge liability on letting them know how any aspect of tthe ship works. Go back to the old days while on ship then let Sith return while on base.
  11. "Improve RP" Yeah... Okay... -1
  12. I wanted to add that part of the excuse to get rocket boots was because some DU have the Jetpack bodygrouper. Your bodygrouper does not matter. Having a bodygrouper does not justify you getting the actual add-on it would entail. Such as anyone with a knife bodygrouper should get the knife added to their equipment? No. A ton of jobs have the same bodygroupers because the models are made from the same base.
  13. Zyner

    ReAdd Media Player

    Was accepted to return a long time ago but was never added to the server. Asked Esitt about it and he said it was denied after testing, lagged the server way too much or the toll it took on performance was more drastic than it used to be when it was first added. Eitherway, only chance I see of it coming back is when Anexes comes out if the performance is good on the map to handle this.
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