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  1. Fuck I knew I missed some people, but yeah good luck on everything you doing my guy :)
  2. Yo, what's poppin? So this is probably my last goodbye to Synergy, even though it has pulled me back in a number of 7 times now. Part 8 probably won't be coming cause of College and overall just growing up, kinda gotta give myself more time to do stuff rather than spend most of my time on a GMod server. Also feeling burnt out is a thing so yeah, GMod just kinda boring at the moment. I got a lot of people to thank and say bye to cause this recent trip was probably one of the better ones I've had (completed the goal to be a Master, so that's good). You can ask @justuscloud5 how these farewells go from me, he's seen too many of them now to count lol. Now on to my farewells of some peeps: Gotta start with the main man @justuscloud5: I haven't had the pleasure of talking to you much since I came back because I was grinding Jedi a bunch to get Master. You a cool dude and I hope 41st does well under your leadership, as it has been. #BringSithBack Now onto the "Welcome to Chilis" Kid @Spookz: Not gonna lie you cringe, cringe... like ultra mega cringe, the kid that says "Deez Nutz" for no reason. No but for real you doing well in Naval and Jedi so keep it up, you cool just don't slow Rocksteady down in Paday lol. Also now that I'm gone I gotta use your line against you....... "Fack You", you are welcome lol Now, Mr. Payday 2, also known as Mr. Inactive, it's @Rocksteady: You a cool dude, that happens to play Payday 2 a bit much but ey that's not bad just looking for fun stuff to do. Also good luck in your college endeavor because Bio Med be tough lol. Also, just so you know, they are pronounced similarly (You should know). Also don't fish off the neck of a Giraffe man, you will know what happens. Hmmmm, @Madara: This guy, lived the most weird Middle School life I've ever heard. Keep going man and you'll do good because you one chill guy that connects with a lot of people. Also 41st cool so stay with them, they need a good Jedi. Same thing I said to Rocksteady don't be Giraffe fishing now my boy. British Guy @Stix: British, but somehow chill. Doesn't add up but hey weird things happen sometimes. Kinda Cringe, but Rancor and Arligan Zey so it makes sense. This guy @Mar: Potential Youngling guy, cause cringe and not active. For real though you are doing good, especially as the next big youngling hopefully Jedi does well and yeah. Also play some Payday 2 and kill those goblin jits in the game you play (I think Valheim). Also tie up the bags bread style. The cringe lord @SEXICO: Actually the most sus guy like idk, just sus all the time. Cringe Cringe. For the limited amount of time we talked outside of Among us you seem like a cool guy. Also play more Garrys Mod Amon gus cause we all know you are the most sus out of all of them. @SgtGlass: All I gotta say really is cringe and you know how it goes lol. You're cool you're doing well in DU and with Improcco jedi and yeah, overall just a solid guy to talk to. Keep going (be less cringe, cringe guy) @Claw Rancor Jedi Guy: ye, this guy, the boy, the Rancor guy that recruited me twice... Deja Vu. Yes, I bid you farewell my dude, you put cringe on my staff app so I gotta come back with "You're Cringe" right back at ya. Hope you're doing well and do well in the future. @Lyonaxis: Jedi dude that does stuff and things, big help good guy, def not a trap as Adi Gallia. Hope Jedi goes well for you cause it's growing slowly back up. Also you can have @Spookz while I'm gone :) (If I forgot anyone then that's tough, I might come back and add to it but idk) Also it's not an Aust Resignation without Gremlin Photos, so here you go:
  3. I'm deciding by the end of next week, most likely whole server but for now just staff
  4. Just checked both posted and not this is #7, Will see you maybe on Part 8 lol
  5. Name: Aust Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:136851516 Staff Rank: SA Are you VIP?: Yes Date: 08/06/2021 Reason for leaving: starting college and just not that interested anymore in the staff team. Was fun while it lasted, but just didn't want to do the branch work for TR (felt kinda pointless after it was stated it was being removed) Farewells: This is not my farewell post per say so I'm not gonna @ anyone
  6. 10/10 very good and planned out event. All around great event
  7. 8/10 good event, lots of sith, and fun
  8. Really Good event, lots of fun 9/10
  9. ye, he is right. The sentence requirement is 6 and you had only 3. This a -1
  10. hate the watermelon profile picture, but yeah this a +1
  11. 8/10 Little Bots, and Sith.... no shadow RP tho
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